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KickRef hits 160K+ users

We are proud to announce that KickRef has hit 160K+ of registered users. Whoraaaay! We are on our way to a great success moving confidently to the goal.

Just to remind you — your way up is here.

Kick Academy is officially launched

This week officially launched a new Kick Ecosystem project — Kick Academy. It is an innovative institute that provides comprehensive and exclusive data of the latest academic research in the crypto markets, investments, exchange, and fin-tech fields. Kick Academy team seeks to evolve the information that circulates in the cyber infospace and provide updated transparent insights. Subscribe now and stay updated on the latest news about Kick Academy.

Also, we are proud to announce the very first survey of the academy: “One in Two Crypto Users is a Referral Program Participant”. You can download it now for free!

Alpha testing on KickEX

The first phase of closed Alpha testing on KickEX has begun this week! We are on our way to launch Kick Exchange. The first group of alpha testers got access to the Alpha version. So based on the results of this preliminary Alpha testing, if there are no critical problems, the next group of testers from all over the world (approx. 50 people) will get access in a week.

KickToken Unlock Contest: Your Winning Ideas

Some time ago, we held a contest for the ultimate KickToken Unlock ideas and we have a winner! Actually, even two winners!

The idea was to describe how one sees the token unlock process of Bonus KickTokens when KickEX Exchange launches.

The winners are @SmirnovIII and t**om.r**c@hotmail.fr who will be awarded a prize of 200,000 and 100,000 KICK accordingly.

A successful story of inviting referrals to KickRef

We have interviewed a member of our community and asked him what were the tools and methods that helped him to succeed in building a vast referral KickRef net. The article describes a real experience of building your own referral net.

There are some hacks on how to start from zero with KickRef.

Please, read the complete story of inviting referrals to KickRef written by Byka in English and in Russian.

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Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: kickex.com | kickico.com

Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: kickex.com | kickico.com