⚡️Frozen tokens viewer is released on GitHub⚡️

Everyone who is curious to scan KickTokens and frozen KickTokens is very welcome!

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We created a frozen KickTokens viewer that shows the total amount of KickTokens and frozen KickTokens. It is published as open-source code on GitHub.

Kick Ecosystem development team has decided to share with all the crypto world recently composed analytical service for creating a register of frozen and ordinary KickTokens on KICK smart contract. Besides, with KickToken “explorer” you can check your ERC balances for frozen tokens and ordinary tokens. You just need to log in to your account at KickWallet, type in the address of your ETH wallet and see the balance of the frozen and ordinary tokens.

We would like to emphasize that the team does not seek to hide anything from our users, thus, all our product and service development is completely transparent and may be seen on open sources like GitHub. The mentioned script generates 2 CSV files: all holders liquid and frozen balances and total liquid and frozen tokens amount.

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Kick Ecosystem team

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