15,000 Registered Users on Kickex Beta-Testing

We got some fresh news concerning KickEX beta-testing. Please, read below about the 2nd stage, the merge of the users’ base and KYC update

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Many of you are waiting for the official KickEX crypto exchange launch. Just to remind you that currently the exchange is in its beta testing mode and we have received more than 15,000 registrations from testers all over the world who are eager to help us create an epic story. Thank you, everyone, for your help, feedback and your valuable effort!

Besides, we want to announce that we have started the second stage of Beta testing on KickEX exchange and to ease the participation we decided to stop testing our integration with a KYC-provider. So, for now, the KYC is not needed anymore to register for the beta-testing of KickEX.

Since the new testing stage has begun, all the history of the trading will be refreshed. Besides, for the second stage, all the balances of demo tokens will be reset and deposited again to testers’ accounts like from the very start. Until the end of the week, we are planning to merge the user bases of KickRef with KickEX. So those who have already registered for beta testing of KickEX will automatically get an account on KickRef. If you have any problem there always will be an option of resetting a password. As well, those who have previously registered in KickRef will have access to beta-testing of the exchange automatically.

For now, we stop the KYC procedure but when it is launched again all the users who have passed it previously will not have to do that again. You can still become a part of a crypto history and join the team of beta testers on KickEX! Join now.

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Kick Ecosystem Team

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