15,000 users with 1 link: A case study in KickRef referrals success

Kick Ecosystem community member Le Nghia reveals how he built the foundations of future passive income

Hi Le Nghia! Where are you from and why did you choose KickRef?

— Hello, I am a Vietnamese crypto enthusiast and I find KickEX’s rewards for attracting new people to the Kick Ecosystem very creative and very lucrative.

You’ve already created a vast and vibrant network on KickRef! What’s the key to your success?

— Well, the way I signed up 15,000 new users through my link is pretty simple. Write a short message and send it to friends and relatives on your social networks. But first let your friends learn more about the ecosystem of KickTokens, the process of formation, development and the compensation policy of KickEX.

KickRef Tip #1

Use the ready-made media banners provided by the Kick Ecosystem team which include the perfect Calls To Action that encourage your network to click through and join. Then create your own short personalised text to make it perform even better. Try your version of this message and see how it does: “Hello, my friend! I know you’re searching for an additional passive income. I have a fintech tool here ready for you and I’m happy to talk you through how to start from zero to earn money easily. Let me begin by explaining how KickRef works and what the Kick Ecosystem is.”

Did you send pictures to your friends on social networks, or was it just text?

— The short message had a picture of Kick Token information on coinmarketcap.com attached, summarising the Kick Token ecosystem.

KickRef Tip #2

KickRef can provide you with all the necessary media including images, presentations, banners, and logos; all designed to attract attention, start a conversation, explain the Kick Ecosystem and convert readers into referrals.

“Snake” shows the milestones and levels of growth in your referral network. You may see how many Kick Tokens you get when you reach a certain number of users in the network

Do you use any paid advertising on Facebook, Telegram, YouTube influencers, Instagram, or other channels? Or did you manage this all with just free, organic traffic?

— I did not use any form of paid advertising.

KickRef Tip #3

Some additional promotions and targeted advertising may help draw more attention to your referral link. Promoted collaborations with local influencers, YouTubers and bloggers are another effective way to reach the right audience.

So the social networks you’ve built up yourself were the key to this success?

— Yes, I have the advantage of having 3 years of experience in cryptocurrencies so I have a lot of friends on social networks.

KickRef Tip #4

Your existing social networks on platforms like Facebook, Vkontakte, Telegram, Instagram, Linkedin are the fastest and easiest way to find new referrals. Your contact lists and shared newsfeeds can really get the ball rolling.

You said you introduced them to KickEX’s process, development and referral rewards. What doubts and hesitations did you come across and how did you address them?

— The majority of people who know about cryptocurrencies will sign up for free and join the referral link. People who don’t know about cryptocurrencies will sign up for free, but most of them will not recommend their links. Most professional investors are not interested, their perception is free of value, so they do not participate. They doubted that a free registration would lead to worthwhile revenue for them in the future.

KickRef Tip #5

It’s vitally important to introduce all the information about KickRef and the Kick Ecosystem, and explain how the users will benefit from the referral link in the future.

Why did you choose Kick and what are your predictions for its future?

— Kick is a development project solving from the root to the top of the ICO problem that until now has no solution. I expect the project will develop to protect the world’s top investors.



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