15,000 users with 1 link: A case study in KickRef referrals success

Kick Ecosystem community member Le Nghia reveals how he built the foundations of future passive income

Hi Le Nghia! Where are you from and why did you choose KickRef?

You’ve already created a vast and vibrant network on KickRef! What’s the key to your success?

KickRef Tip #1

Did you send pictures to your friends on social networks, or was it just text?

KickRef Tip #2

“Snake” shows the milestones and levels of growth in your referral network. You may see how many Kick Tokens you get when you reach a certain number of users in the network

Do you use any paid advertising on Facebook, Telegram, YouTube influencers, Instagram, or other channels? Or did you manage this all with just free, organic traffic?

KickRef Tip #3

So the social networks you’ve built up yourself were the key to this success?

KickRef Tip #4

You said you introduced them to KickEX’s process, development and referral rewards. What doubts and hesitations did you come across and how did you address them?

KickRef Tip #5

Why did you choose Kick and what are your predictions for its future?

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