5 Referral Strategies You’ll Want to Copy

Welcome to a rousing Medium blog by Kick Ecosystem. We’re all about the KickRef today. We think it’s a blockbuster. In this issue, our team wants to talk about smart ways to get your friends on board to start earning crypto together!

ood day everyone,
Welcome to a rousing Medium blog by Kick Ecosystem. We’re all about the
KickRef today. We think it’s a blockbuster. In this issue, our team wants to talk about smart ways to get your friends on board to start earning crypto together!

Here goes:


Trust us. Nobody likes this term. Better to refer to referrals as project partners or an ambassador. We think it sounds more respectful and is a true definition of the task at hand — they are partners, helping you grow your network of users. These people will bring you money! We designed KickRef with that in mind: generously rewarding your invitees to grow a business. Invite away!


You’re not alone in being afraid to ask for introductions. Everyone in sales has been there. There is no easy way around this and you will definitely need that “just do it” mindset. Fear of asking for introductions is a major opportunity loss. Think about it this way: You will never lose money by asking people to join your affiliate network, but you never know how much you will lose by not asking at all. Most of the people you will be asking to join won’t know you personally, are not part of your circle of best friends, so their rejection is personal. Challenge yourself today to make the art of asking for referrals a part of growing your network and business in the future (if you already don’t have one). Consistent asking can turn your database, online affiliations, and influential partnerships into a marketing dream team. Just do it!


Let’s face it: nobody likes getting bombarded with messages in a group chat about buying tokens of a startup they have no relationship with or never heard of. Our advice is to be more personal at first. This is a great chance for you to get familiar with KICK’s product lines and strengthen your connections. Send direct emails or direct messages. Do not forget to use a person’s name in the message. Take the time to do at least that. If you know something about the person — like you know they have invested in a certain project, mention that if it is relevant to KICK, for example. By doing that, you rise about the spam they are likely receiving every day about crypto.


So you have a popular friend, or maybe a favourite blogger or a reporter in the crypto space? If you do, consider inviting them to your network and potentially multiply your earnings. Influencers are people who have amassed a decent-sized audience on social media (a few thousand, at least) and thus can have an impact on your referral network if they tell their audience about you. Influencers are everywhere — Youtube, Twitter, Instagram. Imagine, if only your influencer-friend helps you get on board 10 active traders, who pay $1000 in fees combined…your passive income would be $1500 per month from them alone.


According to Fame Mass, the global average time spent on social networks and messaging per day is 2:23 minutes in 2019! This could only mean that people regularly check for updates on social media, so we wanted to share some small tips on how to create appealing posts and invite friends to KickRef.

  1. Mention @KickEcosystem and @KickEXcom
  2. Use appropriate hashtags #bonus #reward #crypto #trading
  3. Use a visual GIF component & be fun if you can
  4. Use some emojis 💸💰🔥
  5. For greater appearance include your referral link in your bio

The KICK Team included some referral templates for sharing on social media, so you don’t have to rack your brains to come up with ‘a brilliant referral message’. See our suggested guidelines on how to wow your friends: just copy and paste to share within your network. Find these templates once you log in to KickRef.

Why do we refer to KickEX Exchange via KickRef?

The KickRef program is super simple. It’s a no brainer to understand the mechanism. The program is so clear that even a 10-year old could participate!
KickRef gives you a unique opportunity to make money without trading, as you get rewarded each time referral in your network makes a trade on the KickEX exchange. It is also beneficial for the early-birds on the exchange. If you invite users to KickEX Exchange before the launch, then as a bonus for early participation all the direct users (1st level referrals) will earn double the referral reward in the first year of trading.

What do you think is the hardest part of getting more partners on board? Please let us know here in our group chats, and share what you learned from your experience. If you’re a newcomer to all of this, we hope this gave you a clue about what’s in store. Feel free to post questions and comments. We’ll try to answer your questions soonest!

Sincerely yours,
Kick Ecosystem Team

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