$6600 as a prize: trading competition from USERVICE and KickEX

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2 min readSep 28, 2022

The long-awaited trading contest is coming! From October 5 to 25, trade USERVICE tokens on KickEX and win. The prize fund is distributed in $3300 (in USDT) between crypto traders with API and traders without API.

How to take part?

During the contest period, actively trade USRV tokens against USDT using any order type on the KickEX exchange. During trading, it is allowed to use bots and API. The minimum trading volume to participate in the tournament is 100 USDT. The higher the trading volume, the higher the chance to get first place!

The winnings are distributed among the participants according to this:

1st place — 1000 USDT

2nd place — 500 USDT

3rd place — 400 USDT

4th place — 350 USDT

5th place — 300 USDT

6th place — 250 USDT

7th place — 200 USDT

8th place — 150 USDT

9th place — 100 USDT

10th place — 50 USDT

Contest terms

Dates: from (UTC+3) to 25.10.2022, 15:00 (UTC+3).

Important: transactions are taken into account only between traders who have passed KYC. We will sum the trading volumes for the USRV/USDT pairs for each KYC-passed user and convert to USDT.

Also, if a user has a volume of zero or less than $100, then according to the drawing rules, he does not get a place in the rating.

Stay tuned! Good luck!



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