7 Most Unusual Trading Indicators

Are you looking for get-rich-quick schemes? Kick Ecosystem collected 7 most accurate trading indicators and strategies for your special benefit

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Are you looking for new trading schemes and cannot seem to find the perfect match that will make you rich in one day? Keep your head up! We have collected 7 most accurate trading indicators and strategies for your special benefit. They are exclusively based on complex mathematical models and are widely tested on a huge number of traders!

Do you see that women started to buy lipsticks more often? Then, it is better to hold! Everyone knows that women’s desire for beauty shows they cannot afford anything else. For example, after the 9/11 event, the Estée Lauder company increased its sales by 40%, while other companies reported the same strange uncorrelated trend.

Everybody knows that the Moon can affect the World Ocean. However, not everybody knows that the Moon affects all global markets, including cryptocurrency! One should not pay attention to the behaviour of other players in the market. It is better just to sell on the New Moon and buy during the Full Moon.

Who knows better than your inner feeling what assets to sell and what assets to hold? Just trust your sixth sense and do it, as you know! Every trader should be able to ‘feel’ the market and what it might do next. You should not listen to the forecasts of different systems and read stock exchange news. Just listen to your heart!

This indicator is based on what country the cover model on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine is. If the model is from the U.S., the S&P 500 will break its historical peaks. If the cover model is not from the United States, the S&P 500 will heavily drop.

It is known that Marisa Miller, an American model, was the worst one. She debuted in 2008 and caused the market to fall by 38.5%.

Is the weather good in your region? Do you feel that your mood is improving? Do not hesitate! Buy as many assets as you can. After all, the players on the market are likely to do the same, and in summer, you can enjoy the giant dividends as a result of your spontaneous decision!

If you are not yet familiar with astrology and esoteric, now it is a good time to start looking into it. For example, the Leos clearly should not invest in Ethereum, and the Virgins — in Bitcoin. You should also consider the exact time of your birth because general forecasts are not always accurate. Be careful and refer only to experienced fortune-tellers. Do not believe the quacks!

If you dive deep into the Russian-speaking Internet, you can find exclusive advice of experienced traders who tell about their private methodology. One of such systems is the technical analysis by ancient Russians. Do not mix up them with the ancient Ukrainians. According to this system, on the sixth lunar day, you should take the situation as it is. You cannot complain about life, you cannot be sad or upset. Do not set any stop-losses but humbly make it through the price drops. It is a good day to get rid of the shit-stocks. The Sun is in the Leo sign, and the Mercury is on the same spiral-shaped line as Nibiru. This indicates the continuing fall in gas and oil prices. Moreover, based on the coffee grounds, you can see what the external circumstances be like. The main thing is to keep your head up and believe in Perun, and then everything will work out for sure!

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