The story of how the KickEX’s super security team stepped in to protect honest users so that real people get their well-deserved prizes in the LINK trading contest

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Monday evening, during the last minutes of the LINK competition, participants were trading ferociously for the $10,000 prize pool. Everything would have been fine, but suspicions of manipulation and disregard for the rules of the competition were revealed 😤. As such, we had to investigate.

Spoiler: KickEX’s super security team stepped in to protect honest users. They checked that real people received their well-deserved prizes. And so it happened.

And here’s what else is interesting! ⬇️

✅ KickEX is a fully licensed European crypto exchange, so our security team is always on the alert. …

CEO & Founder of Kick Ecosystem Anti Danilevski reflects on the 2020 year in the crypto industry covering major events and developments

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If 12 months in crypto ever passes without hundreds of earth-shattering, market-moving moments, you’ll know that we have finally arrived, or it’s time to abandon ship. You can guess which outcome we are betting on.

It’s impossible to cover all of the major events of the crypto year in one review, but I have picked out some that give us a good picture of how the sector, markets and mainstream response have evolved.

I am happy to see that even with a global pandemic, the seismic shift towards decentralisation and freedom continued at speed, and no metric reflects the state of crypto like the price of its most important asset. …

A year of trials, launches & growth marked by the launch of KickEX exchange

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We count ourselves lucky to be in a cross-border digital space. Yes, asset values and projects took a hit at the height of the pandemic but our team was able to stay safe, stay determined, and keep working to achieve our goals.

Anti Danilevski shares the results of this year with the community and talks about the project’s plans for 2021

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Dear community members,

It seems that much more time has passed than only a year, especially because we managed to do and launch so much. Here is just a small list of our achievements.

Among our most striking projects are KickID and KickRef, where over a million users have registered.

We also launched the KickEX exchange and practically completed its debugging. From next year, we are ready to start developing not only the technical component but also the marketing side. Additionally, we plan to introduce a large number of new trading pairs and significantly increase turnover.

Among our achievements is the launch of the beta version of the completely new KickICO platform — which we rewrote from scratch and which runs on the new architecture of the Kick ecosystem. We are sure that it will, over time, change the world of fundraising in crypto by making it transparent and honest. …

This is for the best, and we will tell you why

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KICK token is waiting to be delisted from KuCoin exchange. This is for the best, and we will tell you why.

But first, the details…

The KICK / ETH and KICK / BTC trading pairs will be stopped on December 22, 2020 at 18:00 (UTC + 8). We recommend cancelling all existing orders in these pairs on KuCoin as soon as possible and starting the KICK withdrawal process. You may withdraw your assets and continue trading KickToken on the KickEX exchange or withdraw KickToken to your private wallet. …

We are taking a big step in the development of market-making on the exchange by moving away from third-party contractors to an independent system

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Dear KickEX users, we are very pleased to announce that we are releasing our own unique solution for market making on the exchange, starting from today! Now, we will not use the services of third-party contractors and will be able to expand the opportunities for liquidity on the exchange.

It is possible that, while setting up the market-making mechanism, there will be a slight reduction in trading activity on the exchange, since the development team will need to debug and check everything thoroughly. Orders may take a little longer to close than usual — do not worry, this is normal and will not affect the users of the exchange. …

Make the biggest trading volume in Chainlink pairs

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Dear, traders! We continue a sequence of the hottest DeFi tokens listings on the KickEX exchange. This time it is a popular Chainlink (LINK) token. In this contest, 100 participants will get a guaranteed prize and additional $KEX tokens that they farm while trading. Remember, that $KEX is magical and help to unfreeze frozen KickTokens.

What is LINK? LINK — an ERC-677 token, the cryptocurrency native to the Chainlink decentralized oracle network, used to pay node operators.

How to participate? Go to the official KickEX Twitter account and make a retweet of the pinned post. During the period of the competition, actively trade LINK/BTC and LINK/USDT pairs using any type of order on the KickEX exchange. …


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2019年12月,我们举行了KickToken代币历史上第一次FrozenDrop。Kick Ecosystem团队是第一个创建和使用了冻结代币机制的。神奇的算法将发放888888个冻结的KickToken到将近1000000个以太地址。幸运的人得到了这些免费的代币到自己的钱包,现在可以在释放KickEX.交易所通过$KEX代币释放它们。


Trade actively on the KickEX exchange, receive $KEX semi-stablecoins, and unlock your KickTokens!

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In December 2019, we conducted the first-ever FrozenDrop of KickTokens. The Kick Ecosystem team was the first to create and implement the frozen mechanics of frozen tokens on the blockchain. The magic algorithm dropped 888,888 frozen KickTokens to almost one million Ethereum addresses. Those lucky ones who received these free tokens on their wallets can now unlock them using $KEX tokens on the KickEX exchange.

We are happy to present the magic mechanism for unfreezing frozen KickTokens!


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朋友,我们与您有一个共同的目标 — — 我们都在等待KickToken最终获得实力并展示其期待已久的增长能力。对于我们(KICK代币的创建者)而言,这与您(持有者)同意重要。这是我们的声誉,我们的诺言,当然还有我们作为一家公司在财务上的成功。



您经常会问为什么新上市的代币和货币对很少。您是否知道一个交易对的做市价从$ 1000到$ 1500不等? 100个这样的货币对在KickEX上是每月10万美元。对于还在发展中的年轻交易所,我想说的是,KickEX仅在今年6月初才推出,这些费用对我们非常昂贵。

但是,很快就会有许多新的代币和加密货币出现在KickEX上 — — 当我们最终推出自己的做市功能时,这将变为现实,并且我们无需为每对货币对支付给承包商大金额的钱。


更多的货币对 — — 为交易者提供的报价越来越多,交易者的受众也越来越多..此外,当KickEX上有很多货币对时,交易者将无需在BTC / ETH汇率下跌期间切换到其他交易所来购买此时正在上涨的资产。 因此,我们将首先努力上市那些在市场下跌甚至增长时表现稳定的代币。


KickICO 4.0将很快重新启动。更新后的平台将为项目及其团队提供一个全新的筹款系统AIO,并使筹款活动对用户透明。这将是一个全新的平台,从零开始编写,并以新的基础 — — KickID和Kick生态系统的体系结构为基础。最初,它将以Alpha版本启动,但与KickEX交易所集成在一起。我希望我们的新筹资方式将能够改变ICO和IEO的整个世界,将这些不完善的方法,并且在大多数情况下,将最不诚实的筹集资金的方式永远抛弃。



移动版KickEX的发布将使我们达到一个新的发展水平,吸引来自世界各地的新用户,并为刚加入该项目的人们提供新的机会。 KickMobile是所谓的“ SuperApp”,所有事物合而为一,万事俱备:钱包,购买,转换,交易,提款,聊天,新闻,筹款等等。 从长远来看,可以通过NFC和银行卡通过智能手机付款,尽管实现这一切还需要时间。




如果您真的希望KICK上涨 — — 在KickEX上交易吧。如果您不这样做,请不要问KICK何时增长:我们离不开你们每一个人。







就我而言,我正在尽一切可能使我们的生态系统和代币真正成功,并且我需要每个人的支持 — — 现在,在我们的初期阶段,这至关重要。


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