Token of the world’s fastest blockchain

Trade on KickEX

A token for those who love innovation

Trade on KickEX exchange

The outstanding competitor of Ethereum

Trade on KickEX exchange

Now KickEX is more convenient and attractive

Trade on KickEX exchange

What’s new:

  1. Order bar. We divided the bar into two blocks: “Buy” and “Sell”. Potential error risks are reduced: now to confuse and accidentally press the wrong button will be extremely difficult, and, therefore, we have made your trading safer!
  2. Slider on the order bar. We have returned the buttons for filling…

NEAR advantages

Trade on KickEX

The token of the megapopular blockchain game

Trade on KickEX

Download KICK Crypto Exchange & Wallet now

KICK Crypto Exchange & Wallet features:

  • All the functionality of the KickEX exchange. You can trade at any time using any of the order types available on KickEX, but with more convenience for mobile users, as KICK Crypto Exchange & Wallet allows for much easier and faster use than the web version;
  • Visually track portfolio dynamics of the tokens and coins you own in graph form;

And adding of KICK/ADA pair

Start trading on KickEX

Works similarly to KICK & KISHU token staking

Reward statistics in your KickEX account:

Staking conditions

  1. Staking rewards are distributed daily at 09:00 UTC+3;
  2. You must have at least 15,000,000 SAFEMOON tokens on your balance and in reserve during distribution in order to receive Staking Rewards;
  3. Reward statistics will be available in your KickEX account:

How it works

Kick Ecosystem OFFICIAL

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