Founder & CEO of Kick Ecosystem answered the questions from the Kick community

On April 15, 2021 Founder & CEO of Kick Ecosystem Anti Danilevski answered the questions about background, development team, Frozen Drop, roadmap, ICO, KickEX exchange, mobile app, KickToken, Binance, Kucoin and much more on Telegram. Over three years of organic development and planning with a roadmap near completion in 2021, Kick Ecosystem is recognized as a new worldwide platform for crypto from the European Arena, bridging future technologies with the evolution and revolution of today’s crypto currencies.

Thanks to the help of Erik R. Peterson, we have received questions from the following countries: Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Colombia…

For one of iPhone 12 or any of the 20 other prizes

As guys from Southland series would say “Mama said knock you out” Fortunately, in this fight it will be a bit different — but it will be even more fun and hopefully self-harm-free.

Here we have two tokens participating in the battle: COTI vs RSR. So there will be two teams, as this competition is a team competition. Twenty traders who make the HIGHEST volumes in any pair where these tokens participate will receive valuable prizes. Those who are less successful will get more modest the prizes, but also cool!

In order to join a team and participate in the…

Share your link & earn

KickEX referral program is now much more profitable and is still as easy as ABC: register on the exchange, get a link, share it with your friends and earn!

On April 27, 2021, we made important changes in our KickRef referral program.

KickRef is an open-source multi-level referral program that anyone can participate in for free, even those who do not use the Kick Ecosystem services, but have a large audience of readers, viewers, subscribers and etc. You just need to register at and start using a personal link to invite your friends to the KickEX exchange.

Users who…

Help us find errors

Dear Kick Community!

We are glad to inform you that the first version of the mobile app for Android has finally arrived, and we invite you to take part in its testing.

The app is available at this LINK.

Our main task now is to find as many bugs as possible in a test version of the app. We kindly ask you to report all errors to the Telegram bot, specifying:

  • Your Android version;
  • Your device model;
  • Time the error occurred.

Your contribution to testing is an important step towards the release of a full-fledged version of the mobile app…

Know-how developed by the Kick Ecosystem team

AIO (Auction based Initial Offering) is a type of crypto fundraising based on fair pricing, a know-how developed by the Kick Ecosystem team. Unlike ICO, IEO, IDO and other forms of fundraising, the price of a token, offered here for sale, is not fixed, but is formed by the users themselves during the auction. The greater demand for a token is, the higher its price, and vice versa. Companies have no direct influence on the value of the token, what makes pre-sales of the token at a 50–80% discount pointless. …

Two-factor authentication will become mandatory for all already registered users of KickEX exchange.

Why do you need two-factor authentication?

Caring about security of traders and their funds on KickEX exchange is the primary task of our team. In 2021, the hacking of crypto exchanges around the world became very frequent, and now databases with stolen passwords are spreading more and more across the network. Fraudsters gain access to personal information of users and then steal their funds.

Two-factor authentication is a must-have 21st century security measure especially for anyone who uses financial services. 2FA is an additional layer of protection for your account, which ensures that only you can access your account, even if someone else knows your password.

KickEX Referral Program is super easy: just share your link & earn!

Invite users on KickEX exchange by sharing your personal link. Each trading commission paid by the users you invite in your network will bring you a corresponding reward, depending on the referral’s level and the volumes that the invited user trades on the KickEX exchange. The higher the volume of transactions, the more your passive income will be. For referrals of the first level, you will receive 50% of the KickEX exchange earnings, and for those who are invited by this user — 25%, and so on, up to ten levels down!

Like any Kick Ecosystem product, KickRef is constantly…

We promised a great 2021. Here’s another reason to think it’s true!

KickICO enters the era of the crypto renaissance along with the sounds of an alt season. Like the entire cryptocurrency market, we not only survived the “crypto winter”, but also became much stronger. Our team has carried out such a large-scale project update that we can safely speak not of a “restart”, but of KickICO 4.0!

Back in the day, KickICO took off in 2017, offering a completely new crowdfunding mechanic for the time. During the ICO boom, the platform helped over 35 startups raise 800,000 ETH with the support of over 70,000 backers. Nowadays, crowdfunding is, among other things…

We’ll tell you how crowdfunding works and under what conditions.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the cooperation of individuals who voluntarily pool their money or other resources to implement or support a project or organization. Most commonly, it is carried out through the Internet.

Terms of fundraising.

For example, the following options are possible: to agree on a percentage of the future profit or get money free of charge.

The crowdfunding process

There are five main steps:

1. Formulate the aim of the project.

This will determine which type of crowdfunding is most appropriate.

2. Choose a form of financing.

Last week, KickEX introduced 10 new tokens as a part of its listing marathon. New tokens meet a variety of user needs from buying virtual goods to the ability to create decentralized exchanges.

Investments and trading are becoming more interesting to people every day. Today it is important to choose wisely where to invest your funds. KickEX exchange helps to do this safely and profitably.

About the new tokens

KickEX exchange has listed 10 new tokens. Here is a description of each of them.

BAT is a new token that can be used to pay for the advertisement and to…

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