B2BX, a new cryptocurrency liquidity aggregator to allow brokers work effectively with the crypto-market, has joined KICKICO launching their ICO on our platform.

Despite all the diversity of newly invented blockchain solutions there has been little attention paid to brokerage businesses in the cryptoworld before. At the same time, due to the increasing growth of cryptocurrency assets and the large margins more and more brokers show their interest to digital currencies. On the other side, fiat brokers have difficulties working with exchanges due to significantly lower volumes of separate crypto exchanges and marketplaces and thus cannot satisfy the needs of really big clients. Therefore brokers have to works with multiple exchanges simultaneously to exchange a big amount of money, which slows transactions down and makes client turn their backs on the entire cryptomarket.

B2BX offers a complete solution to the insufficient liquidity problem: the service integrates dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges to allow much higher transaction and exchange speed even for significantly larger amounts. Their developers are to unite half the cryptocurrency exchanges globally and enter the FOREX/DMA markets to provide clients with an easy and reliable access to crypto assets. B2BX has already successfully finished their preICO and is currently conducting ICO, having so far collected over six million euros. They are right now working on integration of PrimeXM, oneZero and Integral, the major aggregator of the finance industry with a wide range of clients.

Uniting our platform B2BX had announced they will accept KickCoins, which is a great mutual benefit considering the big span of the project. Anti Danilevsky, KICKICO CEO and a Blockchain evangelist, considers B2BX a new revolution in the blockchain industry. “This is precisely the project necessary to make cryptocurrencies widespread. Solving the main problems the market is currently undergoing, B2BX might take over much more than 5% of the market primarily estimated by developers. Each user to back B2BX will get a bonus on top of the pledge, this way KICKICO shows their support to the promising project.”

The ICO is running at this very time and it will last to November, 18, do not be late to make your decision and participate in building the cryptomarket of the future today.

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