A successful story of inviting referrals to KickRef

We have interviewed a member of our community and asked him what were the tools and methods that helped him to succeed in building a vast referral KickRef net. Please, read the complete story written by Byka below.

Author: Byka (KickEX club)

Dear Kick community! We have interviewed a member of our community and asked him what were the tools and methods that helped him to succeed in building a vast referral KickRef net. Please, read the complete story written by Byka below.

Personal communication

I’ve found the very first partners in the EXMO exchange chat, where I told some users in advance about my participation in the KickRef closed testing and shared a link with them immediately after public access was enabled. I certainly did not get a large influx of users, 5–6 people at most, but these are traders specifically interested in trading on KickEX. Almost immediately one of them began to distribute his link, so I started to gain users in the second and third levels. I believe that the option of distributing links among friends, acquaintances, and colleagues is the most affordable and simple one.

Advantages: It’s free and you can choose the target audience very precisely.
Disadvantages: It is necessary to have up-to-date information to answer questions.

Facebook promotion

My next step was to create a group on Facebook and accumulate friends and subscribers via the active distribution of my link. It was a fiasco — Facebook banned my link, recognizing it as spam. Of course, the reason was my excessive activity.

Summary: it is impossible to actively distribute the link, it is necessary to attract people with interesting content and motivate them to share it. The audience on Facebook is huge, but I have not received any referrals from there.

Advantages: Wide audience, little to no financial costs, a lot of ways to present content.
Disadvantages: Social media marketing and Facebook skills are required. Facebook quickly bans intensively distributed links. It takes a lot of time.

Traffic purchase via teaser networks

After Facebook, I tried to buy traffic through teaser networks. I got some referrals, but very, very few of them. Some figures: From 10.01.2019 to 10.24.2019 page I got 33650 demonstrations of ref.kickex.com page and 13757 clicks. It’s impossible to determine the exact number of registrations since KickRef does not give statistics about sources of users, but I think there were no more than 5.

Summary: you can practice it, but you should not hope for a large number of referrals.

Advantages: Minimum time required, low level of expenditure.
Disadvantages: low conversion rate, financial investments are required, lots of bots.

Advertising in VKontakte

After trying teaser advertising, I decided to use advertising in VKontakte social network. Here are the statistics: 468665 demonstrations, 1155 transitions. Although everything here is unambiguous. Most of the advertising was focused on my group, in order to attract subscribers. The other part sent people straight to the page. It’s hard to say how many people have registered via this method, but I think — there were no more than 10 of them.

VK announcements texts:

KickEX Cryptocurrency Exchange. Advanced exchange with an excellent referral program. The launch is coming soon, build your network now! Bonuses for signing up. ref.kickex.com— direct link

KickEX digital exchange launch. Launch of the KickEX cryptocurrency exchange — a resident of the SKOLKOVO innovation center is coming. We invite traders and network marketing specialists to a 10-level affiliate program — link to VK group.

Conclusions on advertising in VK: the conversion is very weak, people have already had enough of exchanges, cryptocurrencies, ICO, HYIPs and other similar things. Another important factor — there is a feeling that all advertisements in the VK and in advertising networks are clicked by bots, ie very few real people go by the link.

Advantages: Minimum time required
Disadvantages: Low conversion rate large financial costs, low quality of traffic (a lot of bots)

VKontakte Group

Even before public access to KickRef, I created a group in VK, tried to design a logo and began to fill it with thematic content. First, I described the Kick Ecosystem itself and its components. Published news about the development of the project and various details. I created an additional VK account and attracted a target audience from other groups. Ordered mass reposts and likes of materials of the group. I have created an event and also attracted users there with the help of invites from other groups. So far, I have received 10–15 referrals from the group and the event, but there is still work to be done with the remaining audience, it is necessary to develop explosive content that stimulates registration.


Summary: Large audience and the presence of target groups (traders, crypto enthusiasts, MLM-specialists, etc.) make VKontakte quite a promising channel. Wide opportunities for communication, publication, and design of content allow delivering the necessary information to the target audience.

Advantages: Presence of target audience, long-term promise, only small financial investments required.
Disadvantages: Labor and time intensity, it is necessary to understand the principles of VKontakte.

Thematic forums

Unfortunately, it came to me late that I went the hard way and the most effective promotion of referral links is communication among users that are already interested in such a thing. Cryptocurrency and trading forums are the most suitable places for this. Good response and interest from users. Fast feedback. With well-composed and interesting content, there is interest in the project and, as a consequence, there are referrals. People exchange opinions, ask clarifying questions, and if they get their answers — they go to KickRef and register. Many times I met posts about KickEX lazily made, silent about important conditions (for example about KYC and freezing bonuses before launch). Such posts cause a lot of negativity and hurt the growth of the author’s referrals.

  • An example of my post with a full description of the platform.
  • An example of my post about the bonus distribution for registration.
  • Example of how NOT to do this.

Advantages: Presence of target audience, long-term promise, no financials required.
Disadvantages: Requires a lot of labour and time, you’re often banned and your posts are often deleted for spam.

Doorways, black SEO

To try it out, I’ve created ten doorways for the English-speaking segment of the network, keywords were: cryptocurrencies, exchanges, referral and affiliate programs. I can not assess the effectiveness yet, the work is still in progress.

Advantages: it is not clear yet, the calculation for a large volume of visitors from search engines is the main selling feature.
Disadvantages: Requires a lot of effort and time. It is also necessary to commit a lot of financial investments and have a high level of knowledge in search engine technologies.

Beginner tips

  1. Explore information about Kick Ecosystem, history of its origin and development, products and services offered by the ecosystem. This will help you to present information to potential partners properly. Example of an article for reference.
  2. Treat referrals (including future ones) as your potential partners — respectfully and honestly. These people (at least, some of them) will generate income for you. And the better you prepare them for this activity, the more profit you will get from it. Share with them all available information and try to answer all their questions.
  3. Be as responsible as possible about the preparation and design of your content, whether it’s text, images, videos or just oral communication. Modern people are spoiled by an abundance of information and to convey to them the idea of participation in the project you have to be extremely concise, informative and honest.
  4. If possible, do not waste your time on a non-target audience, i.e. on those people who have nothing to do with cryptocurrencies, IT or any related topics. You’ll spend a lot of time and nerves for very few if no at all, active users generating income for you. Although there may be exceptions: the user may not be familiar with the subject of the exchange, but have the necessary circle of acquaintances.
  5. Follow the rules of those resources or places where you place your links and invitations. For example, when posting on the forum, do not be lazy to read the rules and choose the right section to post your message, so that it is not deleted for spam and you do not waste your time in vain.
  6. Feel free to post or send your link in all possible places, try, experiment. Emails, business cards, meetings, Youtube-channels and comment, partner directories, famous traders or brokerage office in the neighbourhood: tell everyone and everywhere.


I provided all the basics. The most promising channels are forums and VK Group. It is a pity that Facebook got too zealous and I got banned there, this social network has excellent opportunities for promotion.

The difficulties I encountered concerned mainly the comments on the price of KickToken (a very popular topic for negativity) and the lack of a working product — the exchange. Traders are cunning people and just do not take anything on face value, everyone wants to see and try right now, they do not want to wait for a little. In all cases, it was necessary to explain and convince, to move the conversation on towards discussion of the real facts and events. Moreover, the team produces products in accordance with the stated schedules. A and image lever-is KickEX residency of SKOLKOVO. Anyway, this is quite a significant authority in the technological circles of Russia and the neighbouring countries.

My expectations for the KickRef referral system, firstly, are related to profit. That it is quite pleasant to receive fees from the activities of other people in a large financial system. Just a few months of hard work can provide passive income for many years to come.

Secondly, it was very interesting to engage in a new activity for me — attracting people to something big and promising. I had a lot of things to try, read, understand and master. I made a lot of written, rewritten and well-systematized content. Got new friends. To some extent, I expanded my understanding of some processes, grew professionally and personally. It’s nice to realize that in some moments you understand more than many people, while you can clearly convey the idea or convince.

Thirdly, I am very impressed with the energy of the Kick team, it's nice to feel yourself a small part of a big mechanism and understand that I am working with a technology that will change the industry, and maybe the whole world in the near future!)

Here is a real great example of a successful strategy for inviting referrals into your network from the very beginning! The case proves that regular actions will be fruitful and produce a much desirable passive income in the future. Register now on KickRef, get your personal referral link and start earning!

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories

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