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Hello, KICK community! The holidays are over, which means it’s time to please you with a new listing. Today our traders’ portfolios will be replenished with ANKR token. Trading is available in the ANKR/USDT pair on KickEX exchange. ANKR is ranked 108 on CoinMarketCap and aims to be a decentralized competitor to services like Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. These are the current market leaders in consumer cloud solutions.

What is ANKR crypto used for?

The ANKR platform provides developers with cloud computing capabilities to help create Web3, a decentralized form of the Internet. These applications can then be used to enhance the experience of potential Web3 users.

The goal of the ANKR token is to “decentralize the Web for all.” To that end, it supports over 40 blockchain protocols for deployment or development purposes. Market capitalization: $754,830,996.

What is the future of ANKR crypto?

Cloud computing solutions allow developers to build platforms that will run on the Web3 network, which in turn benefits the public. Since Web3 will fundamentally change the way the Internet is used, developers need resources to prepare for this transition. It may take some time, but what comes next could be huge, depending on how well the ANKR token executes its plans.

We invite you to trade ANKR with us on KickEX, paired with USDT. With our iOS app, you can trade even in transport, even in the office, right from your smartphone. Our multilevel referral program will suit those who are interested in additional passive income.

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