Anti Danilevski at Crypto Affiliate Conference, Oct.31

On October 31, Crypto Affiliate Conference will be held in Prague – one of the most significant events in the world of blockchain, where both the enthusiasts of the cryptosphere will gather, as well as businessmen who are just about to become acquainted with ICO and digital currencies. CRAC 2017 will not only be an opportunity to learn something new about digital currency, to learn from the experience of veterans in this field or to find sponsors for your own ICO, but also to test your idea, by presenting it to the conference participants. The sponsors of the event are the blockchain advertising network Advendor, affiliate platform AffKada, cloud service and many other major projects of the cryptosphere. Dozens of info partners such as Cointelegraph and Forklog have already supported the event, which will definitely be one of the loudest event of this autumn in the European blockchain sphere. This is the first event that connects the cryptocurrency sphere and affiliation, which will be delivered by well-known speakers, experts in the field of technology and jurisprudence blockchain: the head of the legal department of DimCoin Harald Plewka, WorldCore founder Sean Patterson, co-founder of Maxim Kalmykov, representative of the Czech National Bank Michal Vodrazka and a lot others. The themes of the speeches will be affiliation programs in the cryptocurrency sector, issues of legal status and legalization of cryptocurrencies. Among other things, speakers will demonstrate successful cases of already implemented projects.

The founder of our platform and the main Russian crowdfunding evangelist Anti Danilevski will represent the KICKICO team as a speaker at this conference. The theme of his speech will be dedicated to esimation of ICO campaigns. Considering that KICKICO is a powerful and working project that allowed several successful fundraising campaigns to be conducted in less than 2 months, such knowledge can be especially valuable. October 31, 16.00, Boscolo Luxury Hotel — the first-hand experience from the first-generation veterans in crowdfunding!

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