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Greetings, friendly KickEX community! Traditionally we have great announcement today — new coin listing on our exchange. Now the assortment of KickEX is enriched by ATOM coin (Cosmos project), we added a new trading pair — ATOM/USDT.

About Cosmos project

The company entered the ICO in 2017, and the developers immediately declared themselves as the “Internet of blockchains.” What does this mean? The creators set themselves the goal of combining a wide variety of blockchains using a single protocol into a second-level global network. This solved many pressing problems, like scalability and flexibility.

In other words, the Cosmos ecosystem should connect very different networks that run on different algorithms. POS Tendermint consensus was developed specifically for this purpose, which implements full cross-chain technology.

The ATOM architecture includes the Cosmos Hub core network and the Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBCP). This protocol is used to exchange data across the ecosystem.


ATOM is a native token of the Cosmos network. It is used in the Cosmos Hub network to pay transaction fees and for internal development of the system. Blockchain nodes are formed from the top 100 validators, but any user can delegate their coins to them for staking.

ATOM is currently ranked 37th by CoinMarketCap with a market capitalization of $7 billion. Total supply of tokens is 282 million and daily trading volumes are $250 million.

From now on, this top alcoin is also traded on KickEX, and now you can trade ATOM without having to “dilute” your deposit across different exchanges and exchanges. Now you can do it right from your Iphone in our mobile app. Our 4-level referral program allows you to earn additional passive income.

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Kick Ecosystem OFFICIAL

Kick Ecosystem OFFICIAL

Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |

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