Attempted exchange hack is prevented: funds are safe and secure

The withdrawal of funds on KickEX is temporarily suspended for your safety, an incident is being investigated

The KickEX exchange hack attempt was prevented tonight. The situation is being investigated by our team of security professionals. Your funds are completely safe, however, we have temporarily suspended all withdrawal operations until the situation is further clarified.

“We have gone through the baptism of the exchange! I thank the hackers for involuntarily participating in the “Security Bug Bounty”. Thanks to them we discovered a potential vulnerability before the exchange began operating on a global scale. It is worth a lot. For example, PayPal recently held a similar security program with a prize fund of $100,000, and for us, the program, as it happened, was almost for free. The situation is under full control. We are now improving the financial monitoring and returning order books to their normal operations,” — the founder of KickEX Anti Danilevski said.

New projects are always interesting for hackers — this is the backside of fame. We remind you that KickEX runs a “Security Bug Bounty”, where enthusiasts can report bugs & vulnerabilities and receive money. If you find a vulnerability, be sure to fill out this form and be honestly rewarded!

One of the consequences of the prevented hack attempt was a sharp change in the prices of tokens and cryptocurrencies on the exchange. For example, the price of KickToken increased by a thousand times at night time. “It was part of a hacking attempt and the problem is already localized. We can assume that this incident was a short future miracle” — Danilevski expressed his optimism. Although, a small number of user orders that were executed at incorrect prices will be canceled.

Please be patient, we will make the funds withdrawal operations available in the near future — as soon as we are sure that the exchange and your funds are safe.

Always yours,

Kick Ecosystem Team

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