Attention for project creators: KICKICO Platform updates

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The necessary changes are taking place on platform, which will hopefully encourage more users to create campaigns. Let’s take a look at one change at a time.

How do I get my campaign into the Community Choice rating system?

The answer is — very easy.

In order to get into KICKICO Community Choice user rating system, an author must create a campaign on the platform and simply click the ‘send to rating’ button, located at the top right corner of the campaign page. And yes, you have not been mistaken, you do not have to pay a fee of 10 000 KICK!!!

Please note: The changes are made accordingly and enter into force on this date (01/03/2019). Therefore no refunds are available for those campaigns already made the payments to enter the rating system prior to the update.

What happens after successful moderation?

In order to pass moderation successfully, your campaign must not violate any platform rules. See Conditions and Requisites to launch at KICKICO.

One of the notable changes to Conditions and Requisites are the commissions. KICKICO now charges a 5% fee (2.5% in ETH and 2.5% in the form of the company’s tokens) from successful campaigns, which are backed through the KICKICO platform via ETH only.

Only after passing the moderation, your campaign will be open for any platform visitor to explore and displayed in the community choice rating system. As per entering the rating system, only registered members will be able to comment and vote for your project.

All campaigns in the rating are queued for getting launched. Based on the number of votes, reviews, and active comments, moderators can choose to launch some perspective projects first.

STO Trial

As KICKICO team is gearing up to launch KICK ECOSYSTEM with a full suite of services surrounding security token offerings and more, one of the additions include an option of choosing ‘STO’ as the type of campaign in the current version to get hands-on working with those types of campaigns.

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