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Hi, KICK community! Another Wednesday and another listing. This time KickEX is releasing another token platform to create decentralized applications — Avalanche, a trading pair: AVAX/USDT.

What can attract you to this token? It is worth starting with the Avalanche platform itself. The founder of AVA Lab, EminHur Server, is a real veteran in the world of computing systems, who is perfectly familiar with both cryptocurrency and decentralized systems. He is attracted by the idea of creating an Open Web. This will enable users to create and release a variety of products, from blockchains to digital representations of any asset, and allow them to trade in accordance with any specified parameters, all under one roof.

A unique feature of Avalanche is that, according to the creators, it is the first smart contract platform that confirms transactions in less than a second. Developers from AVA Labs aim to ensure the maximum network bandwidth so that users can perform operations at high speed. At the same time, all Ethereum tools are available to Avalanche.

AVAX — is an internal token of the Avalanche network. Its main purpose is to provide an internal method of payment for transactions, collecting commissions during transactions.

But that’s not all. AVAX has a lot of technical advantages. We are most attracted to the fact that:

  • The AVAX token is on the 21st place in the CoinMarketCap rating;
  • The platform is an innovative consensus protocol — secure and productive, with the ability to scale up to a million participants;
  • The throughput of the token at the VISA level;
  • The creators have well thought out the token shortage system by “burning” transaction fees;
  • It is an outstanding competitor for Ethereum with low fees and fast transactions.

We are glad to present you, our favorite users, new coins on KickEX. It gives more opportunities for you, our favorite users. We think that AVAX is such a coin that is at least worth paying attention to and, at most, adding it to your portfolio.

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