New listing on KickEX: Axie Infinity (AXS)

The token of the megapopular blockchain game

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Hello, KICK community! We have great news for you: listing of AXS on KickEX exchange! This is the token of the megapopular game Axie Infinity.

AXS coin is already available for purchase and sale on KickEX in the AXS/USDT pair!

NFT is becoming popular and most of all it is developing in the field of games. Axis Infinity is a gaming NFT project.

In 2019, the creators of Axie, inspired by Pokemon, launched the Axis Infinity gaming NET- platform. Now it is the most popular game in the developing direction of “pay-to-earn”. In this game, you can grow monster animals, each of which is an NFT. Animals can be crossed and you can get new tokens for that, as well as participate in PVP and PVE battles. The better you play, the more you get.

The game became so popular in 2021 that the price of Axie Infinity for July increased by 1350%. If this still hasn’t convinced you to trade AXS on KickEX, then we will tell you a little more about this token:

Axie Infinity is an unusual project that attracts attention. We are glad that now our users will be able to trade AXS on KickEX!

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