Hacken, a new system to unite “white hat” hackers in their work to make software solutions safer, launches its ICO today on KICKICO.

The ambitious aim of the project is to make every software product safer by using a worldwide crowd of hackers hunting for its vulnerabilities. The main issue Hacken is addressing is cybersecurity to be improved by professionals in their blockchain ecosystem.

Their environment will use the blockchain to make something like the “proof-of-test”. The point is that once a company signs up for the hackers’ services, a new block is created to store all the data about the product. The next blocks will be added after the testing containing info about the vulnerabilities and bugs discovered and the solutions necessary to develop, altogether being summed up in the HackenProof certificate. A company might choose whether to make the certificate info public or only available to a whitelist of people, but the main story is that all the security and vulnerability info is going to be decentralized.

The Hacken tokenomy utilizes a “burning” method of making a deflation of tokens by getting rid of a portion of HKN paid as a fee to the platform; this is expected to boost up the growth of the token price once the platform is launched. Besides, the more hackers and software producers operate in the ecosystem, the higher the demand for the token, hence the price growth. Right now 1 HKN is $1.00 and everyone backing Hacken via KICKICO gets a 4% KickCoin bonus for supporting in ETH, every KickCoin backer gets a discount bonus. Getting HKN now provides everyone with high-quality cybersecurity services for a modest price tomorrow. We truly hope projects like Hacken have great prospects for the future since their target is to make software solutions safer by the powers of the community.

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