Be aware of Frozen Tokens unlock scam services!

Mind, that there are NO existing services to unlock the 888,888 tokens you get from the FrozenDrop

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Dear Kick Community!

We kindly ask you to be aware of suspicious services that offer you to “unlock” frozen KickTokens from our FrozenDrop. We have noticed that there are a few scam websites that ask your wallet address and private key in order to “unlock” the tokens. Once again we want to remind you that THERE ARE NO official services to “unlock” your tokens from the FrozenDrop. Kick Ecosystem WILL NEVER ASK you to provide your private key. We will announce once the official “unlock terms” from Kick Ecosystem are released and that for sure will be on our official domain Stay tuned!

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Please, be aware, do not trust any third party websites and report any suspicious activity! Share this news with your mates in Kick Community. Take care!

Always yours,

Kick Ecosystem team

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