Be prepared to surf the 2nd wave of the FrozenDrop

Are you ready for the last opportunity to catch the FrozenDrop on its second round and get some frozen KickTokens? Then, get ready, prepare your surf, shorts, and sun-tan cream. It is going to be hot, let’s go!

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Dear Kick Ecosystem members,

The rules for the SECOND wave of FrozenDrop have been improved. We have decided to disclose how the algorithm will work, so you have it all prepared.

The results of the first wave of the FrozenDrop have been astonishing. Kick Ecosystem has more participants than ever all passionately waiting for the cryptocurrency exchange KickEX to launch.

If you haven’t yet received the FrozenDrop, here is what you can do to maximize your chances of receiving the tokens in the second wave:

  • Have at least 500,000 KickTokens in your personal ETH wallet (NOT the exchange wallet)

That’s it! Simple, huh? This amount is the minimum you need to be considered. Make sure you transfer tokens from exchanges to your personal ETH wallet. Those users who have already received the frozen KickTokens at the previous FrozenDrop will not receive more. Many users who held KickTokens at the exchange accounts have not received FrozenDrop on the first wave. Thus, we decided to give an opportunity to different users so everyone could receive the 888,888 frozen KickTokens.

To participate in the second wave of the FrozenDrop, KickTokens cannot be directly transferred from the addresses that have already received FrozenDrop on the first wave early. Otherwise, those wallets will be excluded and participation will not be counted.

The second wave will now continue up to the official date when the KickEX exchange goes live.

Kick Ecosystem will take into account the wallets that have bought and hodled KickTokens from the beginning of the year (from 01.01.2020).

Catch a wave!

Sincerely yours,
Kick Ecosystem Team

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