Beta testing on KickEX is launched

We are happy to announce that beta testing on KickEX exchange has been launched today

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That is another very important milestone we have to pass before the official launch of the exchange! We started the private test with the people who subscribed to KickEX official webpage (after the closed alpha test stage). They are currently testing the following exchange advanced features for traders: a double-stop and trailing-stop orders with an assistant, which allows you to learn how to use professional tools even if you are taking the very first steps in trading. We are proud to say that there is already very positive feedback we are getting from the testers on the functionality and features of the future exchange!

We want to thank all those brave people who put their efforts and became part of the history together with Kick Ecosystem! Stay tuned for more news and updates.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!

Kick Ecosystem Team

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