Blockchain is the future, so is Telemedicine with Petlife.

The first ever international Telemedicine market-place in veterinary medicine, built on blockchain technology!

Sounds awesome, isn’t it? KICKICO Team is happy to present Petlife project.

Petlife service unites and connects all pet owners with vet doctors and clinics all around the world and present a platform for providing medical veterinary care 24/7/365.

Petlife project was able to develop an app Petlife, thanks to a personal investment of the dedicated team, which will solve the problems of a deficit of vet care and the increase the quality of the services.

Petlife has ambitious plans and hopes to bring together the vets from Europe, Asia, and North America and act as an aggregate for veterinary services. The blockchain and telemedicine technologies will enable the bridge between the doctors and their patients

Petlife claims to present a web-version in June, and a mobile app for IOS and Android.

CEO of the project Andrey Frolov invites KICKICO community to become partners and be the first among veterinary clinics to use remote online consultations, electronic medical records, digital prescription technology and attract new patients at a 100% discount.

KICKICO Team always asks the projects about the blockchain infrastructure and our question was:

So what is the actual blockchain technology purpose?

Petlife project has a clear understanding of how technology will be implemented and what benefits will bring.

Data storage. All pet information is a medical record. Reports of vets, preoperative epicrisis and operation protocols, results of the ultrasound, functional and radiological diagnostics, recipes, prescriptions, and recommendations. The Petlife App updates the entire blockchain in real time and displays patient dynamics.

Medical process. Access to medical data. The chain’s inability to change allows the doctor to assess the quality of treatment done and prepare a report for judicial proceedings.

Payment for the services. The payments are planned to be done in either cryptocurrency or fiat money. The transaction is set to take no longer than 24 minutes.

Petlife allows to conduct remote consultations in real time. The vets are able to carry planned but also emergency video-consultations with pet owners. There is a possibility that up to 16 vets from different med clinics can discuss difficult cases.

Petlife app uses smart contracts which are implemented for payments and for control of the contractual relationship.

Building any project doesn’t come without challenges, KICKICO Team found out what challenges Petlife expects to face and how their team plan to overcome these;

According to the CEO Andrey Fedorov, Petlife has already faced many challenges when holding the ICO and developing the service, but this makes the development more exciting for them.

We realize that this is just the beginning and our project has a great future and, undoubtedly, it will face some difficulties. We deal with them with the help of collective intelligence. All the members of the team get together and decide what to do and what next steps to take. This is the main key to the success of any startup

The founder and CEO of PetLife is a doctor himself. Before starting the company Andrey Fedorov ran a medical business, founded a network of clinics, and got great experience in medicine.

As per small interview from KICKICO Team, Andrey Fedorov states:

I really want to do something important and make a mark on history, that is why when I saw great prospects in the field of telemedicine, I started this project. As time shows, I have chosen the right direction as telemedicine is developing year by year.

KICKICO Team wishes good luck and success to Pet Life and invites KICK Community to participate to get a great 10% bonus for your commitment to KICK coins!

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Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |