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We’ve got exciting news for you: Crypto Valley and InnMind together with the KICKICO team are organizing a unique event in the blockchain industry, dedicated to exploring the synergy between the digital economy and the real sector: Blockchain Leadership Summit, which will take place on the 9th of March, 2018, in Zurich, Switzerland.

Apart from blockchain experts willing to share their knowledge, the conference will attract numerous speakers from the real sector, financial institutions and state organizations of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Kazakhstan, Russia and many other digital economy pioneer-countries. Among them there are Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, the Chairman of the European Center of Austrian Economics, Dr Michel Matthias, the Head of the Department of Economic Affairs of Canton Zug and Dr Sergey Glazyev, the Advisor of the president of Russian Federation.

If you’ve been thinking about tokenizing your assets, adopting blockchain in your business, or you have already successfully raised funds via an ICO campaign or are only planning to do so — welcome to Switzerland.

You will be able to forge new relationships with government and legislative representatives, will find investors from both digital and classic economy — asset & wealth management, family offices and others, which are only eyeing up the cryptoassets at the moment.

You will learn how to tokenize your business in an effective manner, incorporate your company in an appropriate jurisdiction and open bank accounts, loyal to the blockchain industry, or find valuable staff members and crucial contractors, able to help you fully legalize your digital business.

The event will be held as a panel discussion, so if you are tired of mundane experts’ speeches, promoting their own product in the meantime — the solution is right this way! Controversy serves the truth, and in our case — an organized discussion! Our team, apart from providing assistance with the conference, will play an important part in the event, which is yet to be revealed. Get ready for a pleasant surprise!

The detailed programme will be available shortly!

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