Box2table — revolutionary solution for restaurant management and supply chain at KICKICO

Box2table is the next generation technology startup that provides SaaS solutions with a Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal to food and beverage businesses. It connects food-producers and entrepreneurs. The use of artificial intelligence at Box2table will help to optimise management systems, to distribute products around the globe, to reduce product waste, make low-commission blockchain transactions, to meet the customers directly and reduce the number of intermediaries as such as accounting and inventory companies. Smart solutions as AI will help to make necessary and up to date forecasts based on history, waste statistics and clients’ desires.

Box2table is one of those pioneers who believe that blockchain technology is more than an investment tool. It can be integrated into everyday life and became an active business practice that helps to improve customer and vendor experience by providing all-in-one service platform.

Box2table is based on Ethereum and will be the first food market helping restaurants and suppliers to meet, interact and conduct their business.

Why Box2table

  • APIs and POS will collect and analyse data and provide benefit for the restaurant beyond operational efficiency.
  • Costs of running food and beverage are growing, so business owners need a tool for forecasts and predictions.
  • AI system focuses on business type, geolocation, city, parking zones, trees, logistics and provides the most actual solutions.

ICO starts in August 2018.
For today it is possible to take part in Pre-ICO.

To join Box2table at the early stage you are welcome to take part in the ICO, and this time at KICKICO we are happy to provide our customary 25% bonuses for KICK contributions.

You can join Box2table via the link:

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Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |

Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |