We think everyone feels good bragging about their achievements, but today’s message would actually come from the opposite side: we need each of you to achieve something. The value of such potential gain is high for every member of our community, and this is why we urge everyone to take part.

We admit we are quite fresh as a business, even on the blockchain industry scale, which itself is not to say old and fully established. Nevertheless, a new generation of crowdfunding is a concept that appeals to many, as we can honestly deduce from the high activity and span of our community. We are in the scope of mass media of all sorts, private and state-based, and by saying we it shall be made clear we are talking about the whole community, not just our team. The whole concept of the platform is focused on decentralization, where besides control we want to share value.

The good news is KICKICO will compete for the best ICO of 2017 BTC Awards CIS, and this is why we ask for everyone’s support: we want you to win this award together with us. In case we get it every member of the KICKICO community will only benefit, as for a token to grow it needs to be both spread and desired. Your contribution and support are essential, and there is no way anyone else but you to get this award. Every crypto enthusiast voting for KICKICO receives many things besides the actual nomination: you get the lever to drive the platform further. It actually is not at all about the award, it is about showing we altogether share mutual goals, ideology and vision. It is about everyone to take part and built up one solid ecosystem.

To take part and contribute your greatest treasure for us, your support, all you need to do is to vote for KICKICO before December, 19, while the winner will be announced in Kiev, Ukraine, on the 20th, where there will be given 10 more awards for other nominees. A point to keep in mind is to participate you need to vote for nominees in other sections too.

What we find great about it is the voting is blockchain based, which excludes the slightest chance of fraud or cheat, so by taking part you not only give your support to KICKICO but you promote the entire idea of blockchain, making it obvious there is only fair play with the new generation of technology.

We need you, the whole community craves for your vote. Make KICKICO a better platform and there is no question whether or not you see the return. The question will be how many times over.

Please follow this link to take part, we are counting on you.

Thank you and don’t forget to stay with us for our next updates and events in in Telegram (eng),Twitter (eng), Facebook(eng),Facebook group (eng)

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