Case study of building a successful referral network by Johnny Good

Author: Johnny Good (Kick Ecosystem community member. The number of referrals at the time of writing this article — 1429)

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Today we are here to tell one more inspiring story to our community members that will perhaps help in building a vast referral network in KickRef! Please, read the complete story written by Johny Good.

Referral network scheme. It shows the sense of multi marketing is that your network is growing organically due to the efforts from referrals who stand on the 1st level and the following ones.

My referral network development started with a link that I shared with friends who were interested in crypto. Along with this, I found some “friends by common interest” throughout the VK social network. On the same platform, I’ve met a crypto enthusiast and told him about the new KickRef project. He welcomed the idea and proposed some help with network promotion. It comprised of posting useful information in thematic channels and public forums. In total, after the first day of the promotion, this effort flourished by attracting 54 people into my network. The number of direct registrations slowly declined during the following days, but the method worked and continues to increase the overall number of referrals. Newly registered referrals, among whom were some skeptics, had many questions about this project. Fortunately, the social network allows to communicate in real-time and provide them with all the assistance possible.

In addition to VKontakte, I tried promoting through Telegram channels with an audience from 1,200 to 15,000 people. For example, Cryptograph, $ TradeParty $, EnjoyMaloy — 25,000-115,000 people. Also, Cryptocurrency Bitcoin NEWS, cryptowallet, Crypto I House. I had to invest a bit of money, but the results appeared fast — the number of referrals started to grow rapidly.

Crypto channels
Crypto channels. Using thematic info channels and social nets helps you to promote your referral link and invite more users into it.

It is noteworthy that in one of the aforementioned groups I met a person working in the online marketing industry. During our conversation, I shared with him that I have attracted (by that time) more than 300 people to the KickRef project. The subject evolved and he told me that among the “online marketers” there are many people interested in cryptocurrencies. This news surprised me.

On the other hand, there have been attempts to promote my referral link that turned out not to be so successful. For example, through Youtube. More than once I contacted bloggers, however, a lot of them failed to grasp the idea of the project and promoted it as it was an “airdrop”.

On my main job, I look for clients through Yandex. Direct and Google Adwords. In the future, I would like to promote my link through these services so that it appears in a search engine if only moderators will allow through the ad content linked to the crypto industry. The target audience is people who already know or at least have heard about this project. When typing in, for example, “KickRef” in a search engine, people will come across my referral link. After clicking on my link, those that become interested might register and consequently become one of my referrals, however, if people follow the link and do not ultimately register, this will highly exploit most of the advertising budget. This technique is only planned for the near future, we will see.

Line of referrals’ growth in the network. The orange line shows the total number of referrals, the green line — the number of users on the 1st level.

To summarize my points, it can be noted that social media gave the best results. Most of the audiences of my interest are on social media.

This is my first ever experience participating in a referral program where I gave it a go: to see whether I can invite people or not. The most valuable takeaway is: failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is a delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. I am looking forward to the rest of Kick Ecosystem product releases, and of course to profits! Good luck!

Here is a really great example of a successful strategy for inviting referrals into your network from the very beginning! The case proves that regular actions will be fruitful and produce a much desirable passive income in the future. Register now on KickRef, get your personal referral link and start earning!

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories.

Sincerely yours,
Kick Ecosystem Team

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Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |

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