Changing fees on KickEX

To increase the speed of token transactions in the Ethereum blockchain, some fees on the exchange have been changed

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Dear users, as you know, sending cryptocurrency through the blockchain requires a small transaction fee (Tx Fee) in order for a certain network to record and confirm your transaction. If the set fee is too low, then the transaction may remain unconfirmed by the miners and stay frozen for uncertain time.

Recently, the increase in the load on the Ethereum network has led to an increase in the average commission size, as miners prefer transactions with a higher gas value.

As part of our concern for Kick Ecosystem community, we strive to ensure that the users can withdraw funds from the KickEX account as quickly as possible.

In this regard, we have slightly increased the commission for transactions in tokens operating under the ERC-20 protocol (KICK and USDT) so that it would be enough to include the transaction in the next blocks. We understand how important time is when it comes to your funds. The KickEX team continues working to ensure that withdrawals are as fast and profitable as possible for the users in a changing network load.

The current transaction fee for each currency can be viewed in the “Funds” section of the KickEX exchange — > “Withdrawals” and select the appropriate currency.

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We wish you successful and fast transactions!

Sincerely yours,

Kick Ecosystem Team

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