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We are glad to welcome the friendly KickEX community and bring you some good news about the listing! This time there is a CHZ coin of the Chiliz project, and now you can trade on CHZ/USDT pair, hurry up to expand your trading arsenal!

About the project

Chiliz had its biggest boom in 2020–2021 when the team partnered with giants like Chainlink and Enjin. After the cooperation, Chiliz was able to produce fan tokens for soccer clubs in NFT format. Such tokens proved to be extremely popular among fans and in the crypto community in general.

Because of these innovations and the overall growing popularity of NFT — CHZ grew by 1700% in March 2021 and became one of the top 20 fastest growing projects.

Chiliz has created a special platform,, on which the fan tokens of the clubs are issued. Here fans can vote on various decisions which determine the fate and development of their clubs on the basis of their NFT ownership.

CHZ token

Now trades on CHZ are available on KickEX, you can trade directly from your smartphone, using our iOS app. For those wishing to earn extra money, we have a referral program — invite your friends to KickEX and receive bonuses.

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