clif high and KICKICO or how things can go out of control

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On August, 5 in “bare naked Wealth” report clif high wrote one-page positive overview about KICKICO, clearly endorsing it.

We have added a short quote from this report to our web-site, clearly pointing the source.

Going forward we want to emphasize that clif was never against this and he clearly stated this publicly.

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During our ICO campaign, like many other companies, we are running a number of different advertising campaigns. Since we have a small team, we use external resources for this. Usually we approve all the advertising formats.

At a certain point we have agreed with one of a dozen of our freelancers that he will run an A/B testing campaign, using various design and text elements from our web-site, testing which works better.

At that moment we did not realise that one of the web-site elements that could be used, would be the quote from clif high’s report.

That was the moment when things went out of control.

When we realized this we have immediately deleted all the ads, where clif has been mentioned.

We have also exchanged mails with clif and he clearly stated that he has no issues about this anymore.

Moreover clif has publicly written that after the ads were deleted, he has nothing against this.

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Therefore we:

  1. Once again apologize for the misunderstanding we had with one of our free-lance marketer. We are really sorry, clif
  2. Kindly ask you not to speculate on this and not to spread the false information.

As to jsnip4’s blog’s video we would also emphasize the following: there WAS a big part of “bare naked Wealth” report, where clif has clearly endorsed KICKICO. And he has stated that he is not against using his quote on KICKICO’s web-site.

Take care.

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