CoinBene, FORK and a Mysterious New Project!

Hello, Dear Friends!

KICKICO team has prepared two great news for you. Actually no, even three, but everything in order… All the recent texts and announcements have been written by KICKICO Team , but for this crucial moment Anti A. Danilevski (CEO &Founder) himself is personally addressing the KICKICO community.

KickCoin Gets Listed On A High-Volume Exchange and 1M KICK Trading Contest!

Among all the other news and updates from KICKICO team, a great one is that KickCoin is now traded on a Chinese Exchange CoinBene.

CoinBene was able to reach the number 1 with more than $2.1 billion in trading volume over a 24 hour period, overcoming the most famous Binance. This was achieved as CoinBene introduced their new transaction fee mining model on June 23. The new system is perfect for traders, as all trading fees are compensated in CoinBene tokens. In fact, this is a brand new emission model, which I call “proof-of-trading”.

The KickCoin is now traded against the main pairs BTC and ETH.

Moreover, KICKICO team together with the CoinBene Leads are announcing a CONTEST for traders with a prize fund of 1 MILLION KICK coins ( which is approximately $100- $200K depending on the rate). The rules are simple: top 50 people, which will trade the highest commissions as through trading KICK coin, will receive the part of the prize fund. The distribution will be as follows:

  • 1st place will receive 120,000 KickCoins;
  • 2nd: 100,000;
  • 3rd: 90,000;
  • 4th: 80,000;
  • 5th: 70,000;
  • 6th:50,000;
  • 7th-10th place: 30,000;
  • 11th-20th place: 20,000;
  • 21st-30th: 10,000;
  • 31st-40th: 5,000;
  • 41st-50th: 2,500

The competition will last for one week, from August 8th through August 15th.


Our community has been patiently waiting to hear about the next version of KICKICO and the team has been working diligently on KICK 2.0 and 3.0–but now we have something even better to share!

The KICKICO team planned to launch the new update this fall. They extended themselves to create a tremendous new product and ultimately, it became irrational and unreasonable to implement the new update within the framework of the KICKICO platform. Instead, versions 2.0 and 3.0 went their separate ways from the platform and have since become an independent project, now called Ucommunity.

Ucommunity will be likely be released this or next month as an MVP. The ex-co-owners of KICKICO are now focusing full-time on the evolution of Ucommunity, so KICKICO is now fully owned by me — the chief ideologist, core author and founder who originally conceived and embodied the idea. This is a wonderful development for our company, however the official separation will be announced later, after all legal matters are prepared.

During this transformative stage, the KICKICO team has been strengthened and greatly enhanced. The technical skills of our team have multiplied from our starting level. For now (and for the future), the team will stay focused solely on the realization of the white paper for KICKICO version 4.0 along with the promises I have made to the KICK community in the past.

I plan to introduce the fully-updated version of the white paper within the next couple of weeks. I would like to make it clear that the white paper for version 4.0 is simply an updated and improved edition of the original. We have taken into account modifications regarding the cryptocurrency and blockchain market of 2017 using the expertise that we have gained since the birth of our project. The goal of version 4.0 is not only to create a next generation platform but to fundamentally and universally transform the process of conducting an ICO. We now know exactly how to achieve this goal and we are well on our way to accomplishing it.

Reverting back to the KICKICO fork — what kind of fork are we talking about if no new tokens are involved? Indeed, for KickCoin holders there is exciting news coming. Though Ucommunity is becoming an independent project and a separate business, their team is promising to release tokens which will be distributed to KickCoin holders. The Ucommunity tokens will be distributed via airdrops only.

As I am not involved in Ucommunity’s project, I cannot confirm what ratio will be used for distribution. For more concrete information about the airdrops, please reach out to the Ucommunity team. Regarding the open vacancies published on website, they belong to Ucommunity, and KICKICO is hiring in Moscow head office only for now.

The monumental incoming fork will bring an enormous number of benefits to everyone involved. There will be a new product, new tokens (which will double the capital of KICK holders), and the brand new strategy for the future development of KICKICO.

So when will the community see version KICK 4.0? Beta testing is scheduled to close by the end of this year, and the official beta launch is planned for the spring of 2019.

In the meantime, the current KICKICO platform will continue operations as usual. We will continue to make all necessary efforts to improve the quality of the current model and eliminate bugs, and after we finish beta testing version 4.0, everything will be migrated over to the new platform, which we believe will fundamentally change the whole ICO industry, venture entrepreneurship, and crowdfunding worldwide.

A Mysterious New Project!

In the very near time, I will announce ONE MORE project, in which I have been involved as an investor and an adviser. ​This is something special, that has a long ​back-story​ and an already working product.

The project, which is under development by a completely separate team, will solve the issue of the absence of qualitative cryptocurrency crowdfunding around the world. And yes, KickCoins will be used as a payment option on the platform. As with the current KICKICO platform, payments made using KICK will be generously rewarded with bonuses and incentives. The over-the-counter liquidity of KICK may double, or even multiply, thereby bringing the KICK economy one step closer to its complete realization.

* * *

In the coming weeks, the community can expect a new white paper for KICK 4.0, a new precise roadmap, an announcement regarding the Mystery Project sometime in September, and, of course, the start of pre-ICO and ICO features on the KICKICO platform! I am honored and humbled to have you all on this journey with us and I am excited to continue sharing the success of KICKICO as we grow!

Peace! Anti Danilevski KICKICO Founder & CEO

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