Congratulations to the Winners of the Trading Competition on KickEX!

Today, June 23rd, the first trading contest for KickEX has officially finished. The best result was demonstrated by the user with the nickname Savela, he will receive the main prize of 300 USDT. All rewards will be sent to the winners during the week. The rewards in USDT will be credited to the exchange accounts, the frozen KickTokens will be sent to the Kick Ecosystem account. Before crediting the rewards, we will contact the winners via an email to clarify the fulfillment of the conditions — retweet of the contest tweet.

The table of winners and prizes

As per some feedback from participants, the winner Savela kindly allowed us to share his comments publicly:

“I started trading on KickEX because of the contest. I was pleasantly surprised. Everything is very convenient and easy to use, plus part of the commissions is returned with KEX tokens. What other exchanges give you such opportunities? I have not seen any like that.”

We congratulate all the contest participants for their effort and active trading!

The backdoor of trading contest

How much did the contest participants spend on commissions and received as prizes?

We have held our first-ever trading contest and it would be an honor to share all the insider mechanics with our audience. To make the competition even more fair and transparent, we decided to “model” the in and outs allocations for the participants. We have calculated their net profit, as well as ROI, knowing the trade volumes.

Net profit and ROI of the first 10 winners

Let us take you through the first 3 examples:

Savela has spent approximately 94 USDT as part of the commissions for trading with the approximate turnover of 33,000 USDT, he then received 47 KEX tokens as cashback and a prize of 300 USDT. This means, his net profit amounted to 300 USDT (the prize of the contest) + 47 USDT (as cashback) — 94 USDT (commissions for trading) = 253 USDT! According to Savela, his average order size was between 500 and 1000 USDT. He traded in all competitive pairs. “I was buying at a cheaper rate and selling at a more expensive rate,” the winner shared the secret of successful trading.

The second-place winner Lollero who has spent approximately 46,3 USDT for trading with the approximate turnover of 16,000 USDT, he then received 23,1 KEX tokens as cashback and a prize of 200 USDT. This means, his net profit amounted to 200 USDT (the prize of the contest) + 23,1 USDT (as cashback) — 46,3 USDT (commissions for trading) = 177 USDT!

And finally, the third-place winner Moath_shocair who has spent approximately 25,5 USDT for trading with the approximate turnover of 9,000 USDT, he then received 12,7 KEX tokens as cashback and a prize of 100 USDT. This means his net profit amounted to 100 USDT (the prize of the contest) + 12,7 USDT (as cashback) — 25,5 USDT (commissions for trading) = 87,3 USDT!

Our team conducted an exclusive interview with the winner of the contest. Below you can read his opinion about the exchange and the experience of the first KickEX trading competition.

KICK Team: Welcome! Once again, we want to congratulate you on that glorious victory in the first trading competition, you have an excellent result! We want to learn more about your impressions and trading experience on KickEX.

— Which exchanges did you use to trade on and why did you decide to join KickEX?

— All exchanges where KICK was listed. I also traded on Binance, Gate and Kuсoin, Exmo. I like to arbitrate, therefore, I am registered on many platforms.

— What is important for you as a trader in the functionality of a crypto exchange?

— A variety of trading pairs, trading volumes.

— What instruments on the exchange help you to trade successfully and profitably?

— The best tool for a trader is insomnia. I don’t use tools (old school).

— Could you share how much commission you have paid during the competition and how many KEX tokens you received?

— The commission was 94 USDT, and I received 47 KEX tokens.

— In your opinion, how good are these discounts and cashback on trading volumes for traders?

— Very good, very profitable. I have not seen any similar rewards on other platforms. If a trader is trading with a profit, then it is an additional generous bonus, if a trader makes a loss, then at least there is some compensation.

— What advantages do you see for yourself on the KickEX exchange and in the entire Kick Ecosystem?

— Excellent promising exchange. Kick Ecosystem has many interesting products. For myself, I specifically discovered a good easy-to-use KickEX platform.

— What was your average order size?

— Between $500 and $1000 per order.

— And which orders did you place and how often did you trade?

— I have made a lot of transactions, and traded in all pairs without exception. I bought an asset at a cheaper rate, then sold at a more expensive rate

— What contests would you like to see on KickEX in the future?

— Trading contests. You could give out valuable prizes to active users.

— Can you give a couple of tips for beginners who are taking their first steps in crypto trading on KickEX.

— The main thing in trading is to not rush, and take your time. It’s also useful to be able to count and not to sleep.

Summary: how to trade on KickEX exchange to the most advantage?

  1. The table above shows that the more the trading volume, the more cashback in KEX tokens one receives. KEX is an internal exchange token that is credited for trading volumes (1 KEX for 2 USDT commissions). KEX cashback allows you to significantly increase profits for transactions.
  2. At the launch of the exchange, there are many earning opportunities during many contest activities. For example, by making a deposit of 1000 USDT on the exchange and making 2 trades: just buying and selling Bitcoin is already enough to get on the list of winners of the competition. One has a chance of receiving more than 500% ROI for these simple transactions (taking the wind into account). Use all the opportunities to earn money, sometimes it is really quite simple!

Plans for further contests

The season of trading competitions on KickEX has just begun. We are already developing new trading contests for you so that everyone could participate and win the prizes.

In the near future, we are planning some weekly contests on KickEX for both pro traders and the beginners. It is not necessary to have a large amount at your disposal; the threshold for participation in the competition will be minimal. Thus, everyone will have the opportunity to put hands-on trading and compete for the prize.

Follow the news and pump your muscles in trading!

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Always yours,

Kick Ecosystem team



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