KickEX Token Battle: COTI vs RSR!

For one of iPhone 12 or any of the 20 other prizes

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5 min readApr 30, 2021


As guys from Southland series would say “Mama said knock you out” Fortunately, in this fight it will be a bit different — but it will be even more fun and hopefully self-harm-free.

Here we have two tokens participating in the battle: COTI vs RSR. So there will be two teams, as this competition is a team competition. Twenty traders who make the HIGHEST volumes in any pair where these tokens participate will receive valuable prizes. Those who are less successful will get more modest the prizes, but also cool!

In order to join a team and participate in the competition, it will be enough for you to make a trading volume in any pair with the token on a side you want to be, in the amount of $ 100, and you will become a member of it. But keep in mind that it will no longer be possible to change the team after that, so you will be either COTI or RSR!


We have prepared the following prizes for the winning team:

  1. iPhone 12 Pro Max + 500 KUSD;
  2. 1000 USDT + 400 KUSD;
  3. 500 USDT + 300 KUSD;
  4. 300 USDT + 200 KUSD;
  5. 250 USDT + 100 KUSD;
  6. 100 USDT + 50 KUSD;
  7. 90 USDT + 40 KUSD;
  8. 80 USDT + 30 KUSD;
  9. 70 USDT + 20 KUSD;
  10. 60 USDT + 10 KUSD;
  11. 50 USDT + 5 KUSD;
  12. 45 USDT;
  13. 40 USDT;
  14. 35 USDT;
  15. 30 USDT;
  16. 25 USDT;
  17. 20 USDT;
  18. 15 USDT;
  19. 10 USDT;
  20. 5 USDT.

Yes, but what if you did everything possible, but your team turned out to be jelly? Of course, we thought about you, the real leaders: the three best traders from the losing team will also receive awards:

  1. iPhone 12 pro + 300 KUSD;
  2. 500 USDT + 200 KUSD;
  3. 250 USDT + 100 KUSD.

We wish you good luck, and may the strongest, the smartest or simply those who know how to trade well win — all means are good in war!

KYC is required!

To avoid cheating, the competition takes into account only trades of those who passed the KYC procedure, and transactions only with those who have passed the KYC.

Bonus — KUSD farming

Do not forget that even if you do not win prizes, you will receive KUSD for your trades, because for every $4 commission you pay, you will receive 1 KUSD. Our 1 KUSD is equivalent of $1, our cool unique semi-stable token that everyone is so eager to get!

Frequently asked Questions

1. When will the prizes be awarded?

All prizes will be awarded to the winners within a week after the end of the competition. Crypto prizes will be transferred to the winners’ exchange accounts according to the exchange rate at the time of payout.

2. What currency can be used to participate in the competition?

Rules of participation: to take part in the competition, choose which side you wanna fight — COTI or RSR — and trade!

  • Available trading pairs: COTI / USDT, RSR / USDT;
  • Only trades made on the KickEX exchange during the competition are evaluated;
  • Transactions with oneself are not taken into account;
  • Trading information about the competition is updated every 5 minutes;
  • During the first week of the competition, individual and team trading volumes will be hidden, although individual positions will remain visible. Thus, traders will not choose a winning team;
  • You can use trading bots or API in this competition;
  • KickEX reserves the right to final interpretation of this battle.

3. Is this battle of traders for everyone?

Yes! Everyone can take part in the competition and win prizes. It’s very easy even if you are a beginner and don’t have cryptocurrency.

4. How do I know that I am in the team?

In order to “choose a side”, simply trade the chosen tokens — COTI or RSR. The first $100 of your trading volume will determine which team you are on during the first week of competition. Then, starting from the second week of the competition, the entry threshold for the winning team will be raised daily:

1 day — $200;

2 day — $400;

3 day — $800;

4th day — $1600;

5 day — $3200;

6 day — $6400;

7 day and beyond — $12800.

But to join the lagging team and participate in the competition, the trading volume will always remain $100.

An example of how to join a team in the second or third week of the competition:

On the 5th day at 8:00 am, the COTI team was in the lead, so at the moment, to join their team, it was necessary to commit $3200 of the trading volume. Then the situation changed, and at 17:00 on the same day, the RSR team took the lead, and now, to enter it, you need to make $ 3200 of the trade turnover, and to get into the COTI team, a minimum $ 100 turnover is enough, just like during the first week of the competition.

5. I don’t have COTI / RSR tokens, how can I buy them?

You’re on the KickEX crypto exchange! If you do not have them, use any cryptocurrency with which the participating tokens are traded, and simply exchange it by trading for the desired token, at the same time receiving the starting trading volume!

6. Can I buy cryptocurrency on KickEX using a bank card?

Yes, but only after passing the KYC procedure. You can buy BTC, BCH, ETH, USDT, TRX, BAL.

7. What if KYC was not completed immediately?

After you pass KYC, you become a full participant in the competition, taking into account your trades from the date of the competition start.


Good luck in KickEX exchange battle!

Stay tuned for updates, exciting news ahead.

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