Crypto in 2020: The Year Of Institutions

CEO & Founder of Kick Ecosystem Anti Danilevski reflects on the 2020 year in the crypto industry covering major events and developments

Markets & Institutions

After a lengthy but necessary bear market throughout 2019, Bitcoin (BTC) started 2020 at $7,200, with Ether at $130. There was little change at the head of the market, as the top 6 cryptocurrencies were all in the top 10 a year ago.

Institutional traction

If 2018/19 was the era of retail investors, 2020 was the year of institutions. Fidelity created a Bitcoin Index Fund while big players like MicroStrategy, MassMutual and Guggenheim set their sights on billions of dollars in Bitcoin.

Technology & Platforms

The tech picture among the major public blockchains was variable. The Ethereum network saw massive growth (unfortunately in fees too), driven mainly by decentralised finance (Defi) and the issuing of Tether.

Regulation & Enforcement

No aspect of blockchain has been more important than regulation this year, and there are green shoots of hope.

Government interest

After moving through understandable phases of misunderstanding, fear and caution, governments — the great silos of centralised power — are now seeing the potential of decentralised currencies (or those parts they like, at least). In the Philippines, the public can now buy government bonds through a blockchain-powered app, but it is Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) that remain the hottest topic.

Financial services

The US has allowed financial institutions to offer crypto custody services, which brings more mainstream financial firepower and credibility and makes life easier for US-based blockchain startups.


When it comes to crypto trading, I have long been an enemy of anonymity and a supporter of KYC. As the operator of a regulated exchange, we see value in KYC, not just cost and inconvenience. You can see that in our approach to implementing KickID, our universal sign in feature which gives our users access to every corner of Kick Ecosystem having verified their details only once, through a trusted and established compliance partner.

Commercial adoption

Visa and Mastercard have taken their time to adopt crypto, but both are now fully bought in, with the goal of bridging traditional finance and digital currencies. PayPal joined the party in October, giving many of its 300 million users a first look of crypto functionality.

<h2>Don’t miss the boat</h2>

Read any of the sections above and it’s impossible to come to any other conclusion that blockchain and decentralised assets are a growing force in global finance and technology. Yes, the total value is still a drop in the ocean compared to the trillions spent or exchanged on a daily basis. But we are disrupting a centuries-old system that’s stacked against us, so it might take us a few more months!



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