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CryptoSecure starts the tokensale at KICKICO!

For every cryptocurrency user it is essential to keep all the passwords and private keys locked up and unavailable to anyone else, while hackers are constantly working on stealing that data in order to get an access to the accounts and funds. There has been designed a lot of malicious software that parses such data and it is hard for a user to stay protected: the problem now is not only to create a strong passcode, but to keep it privately away from hackers.

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CryptoSecure offers a solution to help us keep our funds safe:

  • CryptoSecure ‘SafeWindow’, the world’s first hackproof cryptocurrency trading and communications application to launch during ICO.
  • CryptoSecure wallet in development.
  • CryptoSecure decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange in development.

The system relies on several technical solutions that make it impossible for a hacker to obtain keys and take over your accounts:

  • A CryptoSecure digital identity that changes with each transaction
  • A military grade product that prevents private key compromise and account takeovers
  • A CryptoSecure wallet product using an “invisible keyboard” for all transactions
  • An authentication process for each transaction replacing and/or supplementing the two-factor authentication commonly used on mobile devices and most PCs

CrytpoSecure will provide their services for the SECURE tokens, which are currently for sale at KICKICO: as it always is, every pledge in ETH receives a 5% bonus and every contribution in KICK gets a 10% bonus — do not miss the sale to get an early access to the security of tomorrow!

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