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Friday’s surprise listing! Now there are 53 tokens on KickEX, as our users portfolio is updated with Decimal (DEL)! Start trading now: DEL/USDT pair.

Decimal is a blockchain that allows you to create and integrate decentralized applications, contracts and tokens (including NFTs) on one of the most popular IBC (INTER-BLOCKCHAIN COMMUNICATION) standards.

Applications, contracts and tokens created on Decimal are automatically supported by the IBC infrastructure, which means they interact with chains such as: Cosmos, BSC, Thorchain, Osmosis, Secret.

Trade Decimal (DEL) on KickEX:

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We are always ready to expand trading options and are open to new coins on KickEX, so that our users can get even more attractive trading conditions. And for those who are interested in additional passive earnings, our multilevel referral program will be a good fit.

As a reminder, the KickEX team is currently developing margin trading mechanisms, its launch is planned for this fall. More announcements and partnerships are coming, stay tuned!

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