Difficult time for ICOs, but EDIFICO has all it takes!

KICKICO is greeting EDIFICO.

The market potential of blockchain technology is now more obvious than ever. Despite September being a difficult month for new ICO projects, EDIFICO is ready to face the challenges and kick the market again!

What exactly is EDIFICO?

EDIFICO assert to be a web platform, through which the owners of EDI TOKENS can acquire vacation memberships.

Awesome, isn’t it? You could now transfer your travel experience on the block.

EDIFICO claims to revolutionize the lodging industry and the timeshare. Through their platform, EDIFICO sells memberships with which the owners can enjoy the best beach destinations in the world at a much cheaper price. In addition, the characteristics of this membership make it unique and highly innovative.

What makes EDIFICO membership special?

They are not timeshares! EDIFICO offers more affordable memberships, and a large number of possibilities never before seen in a vacation membership such as:

1) 21 nights of accommodation per year included in the membership.

2) If available, any date is reservable, without exclusions of holidays, Christmas, New Year, summer or any other restriction.

3) Maintenance is only paid when used with EDI TOKENS,


4) The nights that are not used, may be offered for sale on the EDIFICO platform.

5) Ability to sell, transfer or give away the membership at any time at no cost.

EDI TOKENS allow you to acquire accommodation nights at special prices, and just like with the membership, if you do not use your night’s accommodation, you can put it up for sale on the platform.

Support EDIFICO, together with KICKICO, and get our usual 5% bonus for your pledge in ETH or a 10% bonus for your pledge in KICK!

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