Global Crypto Project Virtual Expo: 30% off if you pay with KickToken


KickEX exchange is the general partner of the unique Global Crypto Project Virtual Expo metaverse conference, where crypto-projects are the participants and you are the investors and visitors!

Every project can become a participant and compete for the total prize fund of $1,000,000 and the grand prize — a listing on KickEX! Only until the end of May: pay for participation in Crypto Project Virtual Expo with KICK token with crazy 30% discount and you’re in!



About KickToken

KickToken (KICK) is the latest advancement in the blockchain industry, allowing you to passively receive rewards from any transaction as well as discounts on trading fees on KickEX exchange. The more KICK tokens you keep on your balance, the more staking rewards you will receive.

KICK is not only an exchange token, but also a deflationary token. The tokens are burned with each transaction at a rate of 2.5% of the transaction itself — this mechanic increases the ownership rate of KICK tokens among holders and reduces overall issuance. What’s more, staking is built into the smart token contract: 2.5% of each KICK transaction is redistributed to holders!

Thus, KickToken is an exchange token, with built-in burning and staking to reward its holders. You won’t find a more powerful combination, with the real economy and products behind it! You can buy KICK on KickEX exchange.


Global Crypto Project Virtual Expo

KickEX exchange will support a revolution in the world of crypto networking! We invite you to a unique 24/7 online expo where everyone can find new profitable partnerships and opportunities for investing and trading. No need to buy a plane ticket: just tap the screen and you are a participant, investor or visitor.

The new generation event will culminate in monthly battles between 1000+ crypto projects and crypto bloggers for a total prize pool of $1,000,000 and a listing on KickEX exchange! Participants will live-stream their products to the general public, confirm their contribution to blockchain technology development, talk to cryptocurrency industry professionals and present new investment opportunities to business angels.

Only till the end of May: don’t lose a chance to pay for participation in Crypto Project Virtual Expo with KICK token with crazy discount of 30%!



And that’s not all: there are more announcements and partnerships ahead, stay tuned!

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