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3 min readMay 20, 2022
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Meet our partner’s, the main organiser of the Global Crypto Project Virtual Expo, token — Digital Influencers Token (DIT) on KickEX! KickEX is absolutely the first and currently the only exchange that presents DIT token. The Digital Influencers project was launched in early 2021. During this time, the team has tested various technologies for creating virtual avatars and options for their implementation in the gaming industry, film industry, influence marketing, and other businesses.

The Digital Influencers project uses a hybrid business model with a classic form of payment and a utility DIGITAL INFLUENCERS TOKEN for internal use in the services of the project. This format allows us not to lose B2B customers from the standard business sector, who use only the classic form of payment. For the company, this is an important issue, since the project plans to receive income from the classic business and then use the mechanism of repurchasing tokens from the exchange to maintain the token economy.

The main trends of Digital Influencers project

Production Center P2E is a gaming platform for digital avatar co-production, where each token holder can co-produce and develop CGI characters and real influencers using smart voting. To “Produce to Earn”, the token holder is required to become a digital avatar producer using the Hybrid Staking mechanism.

CGI Influencer Marketing is a service for the B2B market that offers a comprehensive launch of an advertising influencer campaign with CGI avatars. Clients of the service can be companies of different levels and areas of activity, for example, crypto projects or companies in classical business areas. Payment for the service is made by the project DIGITAL INFLUENCERS TOKEN, as the project has provided fiat currency as a type of payment to the company’s current account. After receiving the funds, the service will repurchase tokens from the market in a ratio of 10% for the development of the company and 90% for supporting the token economy.

P2E Metaverse Avatars Social Network is a next generation gaming social network with virtual avatars, where users have avatars and get the opportunity to earn through the gamification process. The global stage of development is the preparation for the integration of avatars into the next generation social network, where users use CGI avatars and develop them in the metaverse and can gamify and earn.

Unlike other crypto projects, Digital Influencers aim to generate income from different sources, as their clients are from different business industries, as well as brands are from different fields of activity, using digital marketing. The team strongly believes that this will help them to achieve the main goal to fill the world with emotions through the power of virtual creativity and technology! Trade Digital Influencers Token (DIT) on KickEX:

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We are always ready to expand trading options and are open to new coins on KickEX, so that our users can get even more attractive trading conditions. And for those who are interested in additional passive earnings, our multilevel referral program will be a good fit. More announcements and partnerships are coming, stay tuned!

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