Facebook and Instagram ICO Ad Ban

Today, Jan, 31, we all woke up to witness something honest, noble and truly touching to happen:

Facebook, the largest social network out there, banned any ads related to or promoting ICO.

We could pretend we were either surprised that such a giant gives up on huge revenues from advertising or upset we will be unable to use Facebook as a channel ourselves, but behind this announcement there is something much bigger: the world is ready to admit it is not quite ready to dive into the ocean of opportunities without a guide or support. The term “ICO” itself is now used to deceive people and gyp them out of their savings no less often than to actually introduce a new rising business. As a result, having no tool to unveil the real stage of the market and being unable to sort the real deal from scam, a lot of people suffered from various ads losing their money to various fraudsters.

(Check out the full list of FB advertising rules here)

This implies, that ICO campaigns will lose a noticeable part of their traffic: our experience shows that any account to run ICO ads will be banned and blocked forever. It is also likely that other industry centers, such as Google, to follow this path in the nearest future.

The great thing for all of us to admire is that Facebook, clearly realizing its current inability to filter good faith businesses from scoundrels’ ads, did not agree to leave its community members deal with the issue on their own but made a strong corporate decision to get rid of any potentially harmful ad before Facebook finds a way to ensure quality and safety in those services first.

As for KICKICO, this new trend might even turn out a positive outcome for the platform: our chance to become the place that unites people willing to learn about the launching ICO campaigns: to join the community and see what others think about a particular campaign or make a careful decision to join one. As a matter of fact, we are sure in case KICKICO was listed on a regular stock market exchange, we would grow 10–15% due to the market operation professionals. In contrast to that, what we see now in the cryptocurrency market is a huge lack of experienced investors, therefore currently only major currencies reflect the most important global news, but we can hope next year cryptoinvestors will as well grow up and develop into a professional market.

Considering today’s particular ban, KICKICO is also a service, and in accordance with the new rules, will be also prohibited to advertise on FB. Nevertheless, Facebook says:

“This policy is intentionally broad while we work to better detect deceptive and misleading advertising practices, and enforcement will begin to ramp up across our platforms including Facebook, Audience Network and Instagram. We will revisit this policy and how we enforce it as our signals improve.”

Thus, it is possible in the future trusted communities and platforms such as KICKICO will likely be allowed to advertise on FB and Instagram.

Besides, there is a wider scope to look at the current situation: we might expect some new large advertising, banner and CPA networks to appear in the world of crypto: we have information some Russian CPA networks are currently developing this line of activity. Moreover, services like Cointraffic and others will surely keep increasing their package prices and mostly likely have already done so; as a result, it will become more and more expensive to run an ICO campaign, at some point significantly more expensive than now. As an outcome, most scam projects or dreamers will be cut off from the market where as for now they still have a chance to collect huge amounts of money and get either lost or squander all of it without ever bringing up the product.

To sum up, we appreciate the ICO and cryptocurrency market is moving towards professional business development, growing more sophisticated and stable: combined with the regulatory provisions that will inevitably appear everywhere soon, we have no doubt this industry will in the course of time replace both VC (especially the way it is developed in the Silicon Valley, where the only purpose is to blow the bubble to sell it later) and IPO markets. KICKICO is now at the very pin of the spike so put a hole in all of these bubbles: all we need to do is stay calm, develop our services and HODL!

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