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Global fees reduction: you won’t find better!

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Trade on KickEX exchange

KICK Community has repeatedly noted the need for lower fees, making this factor a priority, as confirmed by our recent survey. Breaking! In honor of the trading contest on KickEX, we announce a global reduction in both trading fees and withdrawal fees.

Now, as of April 14, 3am UTC, KickEX crypto exchange boasts the lowest spot fees on the market! Details and comparison of KickEX with other top exchanges — below.

Fees on KickEX: new vs old

On the left side are new trading fees, on the right side — old fees

We are pleased to present the new trading fees on KickEX! You can see a visual comparison of new and old features in the table above.

KickEX vs Binance vs Coinbase

Comparison of trading fees on KickEX, Binance and Coinbase

When comparing trading fees on KickEX with the top exchanges Binance and Coinbase on average, it comes out that:

  • Binance

Maker — KickEX spot fees are on average 7.14 times lower than Binance;

Taker — KickEX spot fees are on average 6.12 times lower than Binance.

  • Coinbase

Maker — KickEX spot fees are on average 13.65 times lower than Coinbase;

Taker — KickEX spot fees are on average 17.30 times lower than Coinbase.

Reduced withdrawal fees

In addition, we have significantly reduced the fees charged when withdrawing cryptocurrency from the exchange. We have received similar requests many times, and as part of the global reduction of fees, we are meeting you halfway. The purpose of this change is to increase arbitrage opportunities for our traders, so that transactions between exchanges will be as comfortable and accessible to everyone as possible.

Future plans concerning fees

We are planning to introduce negative fees for third-party market makers and liquidity providers, if we see such a request. If you want to earn on liquidity supply, email us at In case of a large number of requests for such fees, we will prioritize this task and do it quickly. Also, if you know similar vendors, you can create yourself a large, passive referral income if they sign up on KickEX using your referral link.

We hope these changes will have a positive impact on the growth of our community of active traders, including API traders. More good and big news — as usual, soon, follow our Telegram channel!

The new fees are valid from April 14, 3am UTC. If you haven’t installed our Android or iOS app yet, do it now and don’t forget to support us with a positive review and high score. The more of them there are, the more installs there will be, the more installs — the more traders and more liquidity on KickEX, and the more liquidity on the exchange — the better for each of you.

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Trade on KickEX exchange with the lowest fees on the market and stay tuned so you don’t miss cool updates!

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