First goal is achieved. Fundraising goes on: now, Hidden Cap

YEEES, We’ve done it! 50,000 ETH in less than 20 hours — goal is successfully reached. Our ICO ,started on Aug 29th at 1 PM (GMT)already by 3 PM reached its 69 percent goal, and after 19 hours the goal was totally achieved. Result is evident, enormous 50,000 ETH are raised. More than 3200 backers from various countries were buying KickCoins and let the collected sum increase from 18 dollars to 20 millions US dollars just in 19 hours — amazing. Conclusion is obvious — community from all over the globe votes for the future of blockchain crowdfunding and overwhelms with its speed.

Now, second round: hidden cap.

Hidden cap for 200,000 ETH has just been opened, but as we noticed before, we will not move towards this goal. When fundraising is between 50,000 ETH and 200,000 ETH, we will announce immediately that hidden cap is very close and the one who reaches it, has double benefit — the winner will get x2 KickCoins. We will give some time for the community to complete their payments and, then, will close hidden cap. By these measures, we still keep the demand for our tokens and will not fetch down the prices after KickCoins enter the market — putting the interests of our community in the first place.

Why did we set the hidden cap? Because 200k ETH was set when ETH price was $250. Now it’s almost $400. So, we are doing a GOOD thing for the community by decreasing the crazy new cap.

Keep on following us and read my article about hacker attempts to attack KICKICO during ICO very soon.

Stay tuned,


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