FLOGmall — an international e-commerce site ICO at KICKICO

FLOGmall is a multi-format for online stores and free message boards that unites sellers and buyers of any goods/services for any tokens all over the world.

The project has an ambitious goal — to revolutionize the world e-commerce, change the market of goods and services completely, saving it from the pressure of retail chains and the costs of inefficient marketing.

The advantages of using the FLOGmall platform for sellers and customers are obvious and significant, therefore we forecast that the project will be successful with a high probability, and its participants will receive a significant benefit. The development of the project will also stimulate the growth of the rate of the majority of altcoins and interest in the crypto industry as a whole.

The world is irreversibly changing. You can observe the changes from outside, and you can make them together with us, for the benefit of progress and humanity. Support the FLOGmall project!

For everyone interested in supporting the rise of the project, KICKICO gladly reminds of the traditional bonuses provided at our platform: every pledge in ETH receives a 5% on top, and every contribution in KICK is entitled to a 10% bonus!

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