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We all realize cypro has many advantages over fiat money. FIrst, is has more value since its purchasing power is constantly increasing. Second, it is more functional, convenient and secure. Unfortunately, the problem faced nowadays is that buying everyday stuff, gadgets or food with crypto is seldom possible. Well, at least it was until now: FLOGmall launches its tokensale at KICKICO, Feb, 22.

FLOGmall is a marketplace for buying and selling any goods with cryptocurrencies. The service will accept any tokens besides BTC and ETH, including our KickCoin! This is exactly what the industry is craving for now — an opportunity to start using our crypto avoiding multiple exchanges. The problem of fiat/crypto exchanges is extremely harsh in the USA and Japan, where sometimes the commissions and fees reach unbelievable 55%. FLOGmall will incentivize and stimulate the purchasing power of crypto-money and will allow cryptocurrency holders use their savings for purchases in real economy.

The platform promises to develop many interesting features, and their team has a lot of real economy experience. For instance, they are developing video-catalogues for their LiveStore service for retail businesses.

LiveStore is a video content block about sellers, stores, goods and services that supports:

  • A video presentation of a store
  • A video message of the store owner to the audience
  • Video ads for each product/service
  • Video blog of the store to report on important events and promotions
  • Online video sales (streaming), video auctions, game models
  • Video advertising on the platform.

It is now cheap to make purchases without commissions, and it is convenient and fast. The only exception is what the team introduces as “safe transactions”, which requires a deposit hold until the agreement completion. Besides all that, another great feature is the platforms profits will support the FLOGmall tokens rate when Mallcoin gets listed on exchanges: thus, the rate will unlikely drop because most will prefer to hold rather then dump.

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FLOGmall is already supported by many companies around the globe. We would like to join in and bring some more: every backer in ETH will receive a 5% bonus, and every pledge in KICK will be rewarded with a 10% bonus!

Stay tuned for more news and announcements in Telegram(eng),Twitter(eng),Facebook(eng),Facebook group(eng),Reddit(eng)

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