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Froshfeel, a new social platform for students all around the world, launches its first round of tokensale at KICKICO!

“Imagine a platform whereby students had access to institutions and businesses around them. A platform that allows students to network with like-minded people, seek educational assistance on assignments and tests, find study groups, join e-learning classes, find lecturers and tutors, know what events are happening around them, view and apply to available jobs, benefit from student deals and a whole lot more!”

Froshfeel aims to design a decentralized peer-to-peer platform that will unite million of students gaining them an access to educational databases and combining all the elements of a student’s tertiary education. Users will not only seek information about institutions and qualifications, but they will be able to get educational assistance and even seek jobs on the platform.


  • Institutions will be able to provide all their information in one place in detail
  • Businesses will have an access to our database to introduce their products and services directly to users on the platform
  • Educators will be able to provide tutoring and assistance to student users, host events and more

The whole system will use Froins, its own tokens, as the economic fuel: all the services will be available for Froins.

To support the project and become a member of potentially the largest educational community, visit the Froshfeel campaign page.

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