FrozenDrop tokens to reach 1 million users!

KickEX is set to transfer 888 888 KickTokens to many more users, taking the total to 1 million recipients!

Dear Friends,

Welcome back from a looong festive and holiday period! As some of you have already noticed, FrozenDrop is attracting more and more members to Kick Ecosystem.

The first wave of FrozenDrop involved over 167,375 active crypto users who were chosen according to our internal mechanism. The results have been astonishing with a sharp increase in the number of unique users. Thanks to the high efficiency of this marketing tool, which is reflected by a constant flow of new users into our community, the team decided to carry on with the first wave of the FrozenDrop! Now, The first wave of the FrozenDrop will be continued to reach even more users with 888,888 Frozen KickTokens.

FrozenDrop is a new and effective marketing tool to direct the attention of traders to KickEX, our soon-to-launch crypto exchange. The FrozenDrop has been performing incredibly as it topped the number of unique registrations to KickRef to 350,000 users! Furthermore, as a marketing tool created by Kick Ecosystem, the whole effect reinforces the strength of our global community and makes the upcoming launch of KickEX ever more exciting. More and more interested users join our social media channels and sign-up for KickRef!

Don’t forget, FrozenDrop will continue until the official launch of the KickEX exchange, and the second wave of FrozenDrop is coming in the next few months. If you haven’t already received tokens from FrozenDrop, follow the simple guidelines below and you’ll increase your chances of receiving 888,888 KickTokens next time.

- Hold at least 500,000 KickTokens in your personal wallet (a personal one, NOT an exchange wallet). The tokens should not be transferred from a wallet that already received FrozenDrop.In this case, your wallet will not be considered eligible for a FrozenDrop.

- Users who have already received frozen tokens from previous FrozenDrops will not be eligible for future drops.

By the end of the total FrozenDrop, 1 million Ethereum addresses will each have received 888,888 KickTokens!

Please note that FrozenDrop tokens will not ‘unlock’ by themselves in any time given. To unlock the tokens, you’ll need to meet certain simple conditions that we’ll publish after KickEX exchange is launched. Kick Team deliberately does not disclose the terms yet, since many competitors have their eyes on our mechanism and the know-how terms will be published after the release of KickEX.

For now, you can participate in a beta-testing of KickEX and give your valuable feedback to the team. Kick Ecosystem is creating products with you and for you. Always.


Kick Ecosystem

Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |

Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |