How to use GBot for trading on KickEX exchange

The benefits of a trading bot

Crypto trading with GBot is available on KickEX exchange!

Dear KICK Community! In this article, we’ll be guiding you through installing and connecting GBot Trader onto KickEX cryptocurrency exchange. We’ll also talk about why this may be useful for you!

What is GBot Trader?

To enable this trading bot on KickEX exchange, you will need keys. Below, we’ll explain how and where you can get these keys.

Unique keys and where to get one

To get a key, follow these steps:

  1. Go to KickEX exchange and click on your avatar. In the drop-down menu, select Account:

2. You’ll see a page that will allow you to create an API key:

3. Click the Add key button:

4. Complete each field with the necessary information:

5. Enter a key name that suits you and think of a unique password:

6. Select the appropriate permissions for this key. A trading bot requires the Trade permission:

7. Limit the IP addresses from which the client can connect:

8. After entering all the data, click Create and save your keys for later use with the bot:

Now you can move on to directly setting up the bot.

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