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During all our campaign we talked about gradual unfreezing of the tokens and about bonus emission. We shared our plans regarding exchanges and when all this is going to happen. The key points of the main importance are incorporated in our official document — White Paper.

We are here to inform you that all ICO tokens are freezed till October 15th, all the tokens bought during our pre-ICO are freezed till October 7th. Moreover, we have a pull of early-birds (early investors), whose tokens have been unfreezed on October 1st.

Exactly these ones appeared on a decentralized exchange EtherDelta. Exactly with these tokens, its holders performed selling operation.

Possible delay in withdrawal is quite normal for partly unfreezed tokens. Right after tokens get unfreezed — everything will go smoothly.

This tweet caused little panic, but we again remind about:

  1. Gradual unfreezing of the tokens. Date of unfreezing depends on when you bought it. All the dates are reflected in our White Paper.

Everything proceeds according to our plan. We understand your excitement, that is why we are trying to give you exact and precise answers to your questions connected with KICK token.

We are here 24/7 to assist you if any questions arise.

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